Ex-reg thinking of joining TA

I'm thinking of joining the TA after 9 and a half years in the regs, the cap badges that are near me are The rifles, a REME detatchment of the rifes or the RAMC. If I was to join I would go REME (as VM) or RAMC (as Environmental Health Technician) I hear CMT's don't get many civvi quilifications. Can some one with a few years experiance let me know if this is the right route to take (Environmental Health Technician) because I think I will end up going for the RAMC and can anyone let me know if CMT is a worth while job?
Suggest you re-post on the "Professionally Qualified" forum which covers Medics, Nurses etc.

Good luck.
This could be hazardous IMHO. You could be recycled straight back to hot and sweaty places.

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