Ex Reg-TA-FTRS advice please

Here goes... Left Regs last year after 14 years (SNCO), have applied for a FTRS job of which I've been provisionally excepted pending Medical Etc, the post won't start till November.

The post is only 24 months long, would i be able to join My local TA Regiment/Battalion in the mean time and then go onto the FTRS then revert back to part time after? Would I also be in for the 5k?

Any help is much appreciated.

Currently on an FTRS contract and i was wondering if any knows if it is written down any where that you can not go on Exercise on HC FTRS? Please help as my boss is convinced that you can
Check your PMs and or 2009DIN01-089!
I think you will find the answer in Reserve Regs Chapter 10 and FTRS HC which says that you will not normally work from your Duty station but you are not exempt from exercises/courses etc. So if your Unit decided to go further a field than the island of Britain on exercise, you'd have to suck it up and go fellow!

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