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Apologies if any of the following has been discussed to death already, I searched back for ages and couldn't come across anything...

I'm an Ex-Reg Sapper (6+ years service) and left in 2000 although I was given a compulsory call up in 2003 for Op Telic 1 and spent 4 months mobilised as a reservist.

I have for a long time thought about seeing if I could join my local Squadron (108 Fd Sqn) of the Royal Mons in Swansea who are only 15 minutes away. Up until now work commitments etc have prevented me from doing so, however by Easter I shall be fully self-employed and able to dedicate as much or as little time that is required to TA weekends/evenings/2 week camps etc.

Is there anyone on this board currently serving with Royal Mons that could give me a heads up on what it's really like? Oh, I am now 33 years old! Would I now be too old or as an ex-reg would they look favourably on that? Would I need to go back to Gib Bks and do "Basic" all over again?
Not R Mons and not RE (thank god) but in a similar position

I was reg RA (hurrah) and joined the TA RA, I too left in 2000 ,well Dec 1999, but did 12 years, I am 37 and they welcomed me with open arms (edited to add: talking about age we also have had 2 guys through the door recently, both have pushed out 22 years each so when it comes to age you do the math)

The only pain in the arrse is bloody Glasgow getting their act together, I have been there 4 months now and they have only just this week reactivated my old number, now this has been done, the painful process of getting back my old courses can start, I don't expect that to be anytime soon. Technically as you have been out for 6 years you are supposed to do your training again, however it is possible to get a waiver I am led to believe, I am not due to do "basic" , I spoke to the BC about this a couple of weeks ago and he said its a funny subject that if they stuck by the rules I would have to do it again, but, and lets face it, they are short staffed and need the experience. you may have to check this out with the Sqn.

Also I was in the same boat with employment and am now self employed, thing is when you join up it takes about 10 weeks for Glasgow to run a check to make sure you weren't kicked out or are AWOL etc, in that period I attended on an off but didn't have to, they didn't bother with the likes of a uniform etc. So my advice is pop along now and get the ball rolling, when you are finally in a position to give it some time and effort you will probably just be taken on strength anyway. if its the w/e's you are worried about well don't I have still to attend a weekend and i won't till I am fully on board

Good luck and as I say to all you wedgeheads, pish off to the left won't you dear fellow :thumleft:


Do IT ! join the Mons , good bunch of lads ! Came over to train with our troop ( 412 Tp. 28 ENGRs) few years back , really good lot !
Just be prepared to have to do CMSR/rct training again due to the time you've been out. I left in 99 reapplied in early 02 got sorted last qtr of 02 got told at 1 sqn within unit CMSR not required ended up in another and was sent back to do it yet a Cdt instructor turned up about a year later and never!. Oh and it was the same crops which I had done 8 years reg service with :frustrated:


Ingrowing_Toenail said:
Would be tempted with the new Cdo Troop in Bath but it's a 2 hour drive from me as opposed to 15 minutes to 108 Sqn.

Top Tip: Join your local unit ;)

jfrosser said:
Join our new cdo eng sqn in Bath great training and great opotunities. More than likly you will have to do CMSR(ta).

Yeah Join in Bath and be the only bloke there!!! Should be good for promotion
Go for 108 mate. Top blokes with a good attitude

Don't sweat CSMR, if you have to do it Do It. Just go with the right attitude and help you mates out with you experience.


I was out of the Regs for 5 years before I joined the TA (at 32 yrs old). Had to do Phase 1 and CIC again. Wasnt a big drama as I had done it before and was easy money.

It all depends on what you are looking out of the TA. Do you want it to be like your regs career and carry on where you left off or are you looking for a bit of craic and an excuse to get away from the family and play with boys toys again?

If it is the latter do the courses (again) enjoy the craic (and respect you will get for knowing what you are doing) and enjoy spending the money.
I don't really see the point in an ex-reg having to do CMSR/Basic again if all it will be is SAA, drill, basic soldiering etc. as I feel it would be a waste of two of their weeks & mine. It was the last thing on Glasgow's minds when they called me up out of the blue to go to the Gulf on Telic 1 having spent three years on Civvy Strasse. We had a day of admin/medicals/kit issue etc, 2 days of potted SAA, NBC, First Aid, Spot the difference between a T55 & a Challenger etc. all very relaxed and informal. A week of hanging around the Naafi playing Euchre & smoking and then flew into theatre. It was like riding a bike again. and I loved every minute of it.

I have no objection however to doing the Cbt Engr bit of the training though as there are loads of bits of kit that I could do with a refresher on as I was Armoured for most of my time.

Although I don't regret leaving the Army I do still miss it a lot. It was a fantastic time in my life and I suppose I'd like to try to re-kindle some of that past by joining the TA and continue almost where I left off and do the courses, get the promotions, enjoy the craic yet still maintain a normal family life (a lack of which was my reason for leaving).

I know I really need to speak to the staff at 108 to find out more. I shall ring them next week and see if I can pop down for a chat.


I am serving with the RMONRE in another Sqn and I am an ex-reg too. All Sqns are now Fd Sqns so if you are a cbt engr then they will snap you up. Also they have sigs, plant and mt slots as do the other Sqns.

Most likely that you will attend the Recruit Selection Course weekend or whatever they call it now and then depending on whether they deem your skills to be in date or not you may have to attend the Recruit Phase of training. If not, then you'll be straight into the Sqn. As for trade skills you ought to be ok and may just have to update yourself on a few things.

As an ex-reg you will be looked at closely, so just relax and keep your head down until they get to know you. Just treat it as another posting.
Best of luck whether you join 108 or 131.

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