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Ex-Reg needs to see a "resettlement officer" ELC related


I left the army (med-discharge) in 2006, having served 8 and a bit years. I'm looking at doing a few courses mainly CompTIA A+, N+ & Security+ and possibly a couple of exams from an MCSE. I've been told I'm on the ELC register (lower tier). Now I understand I need to make an appointment with a resettlement/education officer in order to get my course approved. Any ideas, how I can get hold of one? There aren't many in deepest Mansfield. I work in Afghanistan & am back off there next week, so getting in to see one sooner rather than later would be great!

BTW any opinions on the CompTIA side of things? Is it worth going for Microsoft or Cisco quals instead?

I've been working in IT/Comms for the past 5 years since I left the Army (ex-Royal Signals), my colleagues know I have a great deal of experience, I'm often asked to sit-in and am asked for advice in quite senior meetings and am seen as the "go to guy" but I'm starting to feel my lack of relevant paper qualifications may be holding me back.





I have just left the mob after my 22 and I work for a company providing IT Resettlement. I would advise going the MCITP route using your lower tier elcas, why not upper tier if you served 8 years or more? Anyway, you could have a remote access course to get you upto MCITP Server Administrator. PM me for more info. Have you looked at the ELC website? They have more info on how to apply as a civvy, Elcas - Enhanced Learning Credit Administration System
you could go either mcse or straight into mcitp:sa or ea depending on what you're working with (2003 or 2008 ) and are comfortable with
i wouldn't recomend the comptia route now, unless you want to have to retake them in 3years time as they now expire
ccent & ccna are a good option too if you like playing with the cables, routers and the like?

have you considered going through the Open University as they do a few good courses that can also be used towards a degree such as T216 Cisco networking (CCNA) or TM128 Microsoft server technologies
you can also get credits for just passing your certs; mcse/ccna etc whilst you study, that count towards the degree too!

as they're distance learning you can study in your pit in whilst you're playing in the sand, it all boils down to what you want to do and where you wanrt to end up

PM me an address if you want and i'll send you a dvd packed with all the luvverly cbts and pdfs i've bee using, give you a head start like


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