Ex Reg Looking it to joining TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by down2earth, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Any advise would be great, Looking at joining 103 reg RA,V. Been out in civvi st for 4 years, did 7 years in RHA reg, trade being the same light gun, what would the process be when it comes to training? :?

    Kind Regards
  2. I left the regs and joined a month or so after, fancied a change but wanted to "stay in" so to speak. I would presume that with a 4 year gap you would have to start again, but not positive, what rank did you hold?
  3. Hi Thanks

    left as L/BDR. with 7 RHA, looking at 103 reg due to still being in same trade, training wise back to basic? or some kind of refresher? whatdo you think?????
  4. I very much doubt with your experience they'd make you start from scratch, you might have to join as a Gunner but again it probably wouldn't take long before you go your tape back.

    I agree with the refresher training, you might have to do your course again, but imho if you do it wouldn't be wasted, All training is good training especially if you've been out a while.

    What Bty are you after joining?
  5. Well looking at 209 G Troop, thanks for your advise any feedbacks good, you serving in 103 at the moment???????????
  6. No mate I was with 216 Bty in Bolton many years ago before I joined the Regs. Had an awesome time with them though.
  7. They WILL however mess up your pay, not even a JPA issue this. Glasgow can't seem to transfer you from the regs to the T.A without making a complete balls up of it. I've known 5 people all leave the regs and join a T.A unit of same regeiment and trade and still it goes wrong.

    Hopefuly though you wont have to do basic again, but i imagine you will have to do trade training from scratch?? Good luck though, the T.A offers a lot of oportunity.
  8. I left the army 22 yrs ago. I am thinking of rejoining. I did my clerks trg on a manual typewriter (33 wpm) and learned to print Part Two Orders on a gestetner stencil repro machine. I did my weapons trg on an SMG/SLR/Browning 9 milly. My full CEFO was always packed and ready for Active Edge, my boots DMS and puttees ready for action.

    Now I am bored in my job in civvy strasse. Here's the question:

    If I rejoin, do you reckon they'll let me keep my Cpl rank?

    If so, will I have to re-train on anything?
  9. Thanks guys, do you think i should go streight to the TA centre and speak to someone? i did apply to rejoin reg got accepted last week, but new job pays well so had to tun it down, anyone know how long the process of joining the TA takes??? don't work weekend which will be great for the TA.

  10. Can't remember how long enlistment process takes but you'd be as well to take a trip down and speak with them, you'll get the correct info from the horses mouth so to speak.
    Good luck.
  11. Sixty

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    Quite honestly that's your best bet mate. Give them a phone and then rock up on a drill night. They'll be more than happy to answer any questions you've got about the unit, training and so on.

    Although frankly, with your experience I think they'll rip your arm off to have you!