Ex reg,looking for tours.

Hi Gents,I'm an ex BW grunt,36 still keep fit,play rugby,kickbox.And dont have an ex reg chip on my shoulder.Looking to join local TA Inf Coy.I'm going to there training night next week to see the boys and shoot the breeze.Main reason I'm looking to join apart from the camraderie,training etc is i want to get out on a tour,dont care where dont care with who.As soon as possible.I read you dont need to do basic if ex reg?But I would prefer to as i got out in 97 and would need to get back up to speed.What sort of time frame would i be looking at untill I could put in for an attachment to a unit deploying on ops?I suppose it all depends on training intakes etc,would i have to spend a minimum time with my TA unit?I Will be asking all these questions next week.Just wondering if anyone has any similar experiences or could tell me how hard/easy it was to find an attachment.I await your sarcastic and cutting replies!
p.s.I am not a gun nut,nor do I have a death wish.


With that gap in service, you would need to do CIC again - no bad thing, as it will certainly bring you back up to speed after the inevitable skill fade.

How soon until a tour depends on how long it takes you to get through CIC, and which Inf unit you join (and when they are next due to send soldiers to Herrick). Ask them when their next mobilisation is, and see if the timeline fits. Some will want you to spend a certain amount of time at unit before they mobilise you, but your history (assuming clean service etc) may work in your favour.

You will always achieve far more in the 4 months or so pre tour training than you would ever do in 2 years TA time anyway, so I have no idea why some people get so caught up on this.


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It may be worthwhile contacting APC Glasgow direct - they are always looking for keen Reservists like yourself looking to do tours! You'd be surprised how many there are in the same position as yourself...
Thanks for your quick reply mate.You've basically answered all my questions.I'm glad that i would be sent to basic again,and to do my pre deployment training.I ******* loved it!Glutton for punishment i think.lol.I will ask about there next deployment when i visit them on tuesday.Honourable discharge and not a day diffie!
thanks again.

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