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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Muley, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. I served in The Royal Green Jackets (regular) for 6 years in the early 90's I've been out of the game for over 11 years now. I popped down to my local TA unit in Feb and was very impressed with the setup and how professional they were. I must admit i went in with a very negative opinion of the TA based purely on my attitude towards them formed in my regular days. How wrong i was.

    It's obvious but the blokes in this TA unit all want to be there as apposed to lots of blokes in my Battalion back when i was in who fkn hated the Army after few years.

    Anyway completed selection and I've just taken the oath again and can't wait to get stuck in to training and learn my trade. (Recovery mechanic Reme)

    Wish i had done this years ago.

    So any ex Reg just thinking about it and thinking the TA are a bunch of fuckwits get down there and have a look. Top setup just like any unit i have been to in the regs.
  2. I'm not sure I quite believe this, its got to be one of three options
    a)A massive wah
    b)A cunning ploy by some switched on brigade to get ex-regs to join up and save the effort on the full recruits package or
    c)A genuine big thumbs up for the TA, in which case i'm pleasantly surprised! :D
  3. why do so many people think that posts from new users are 'wahs'?

    such a clichéd way of thinking, and frankly bores me. take his post for what it is - its not exactly going to prove a very useful or effective wind-up/recruiting tool.
  4. What Irish Cream said.

    Silly billy, Country Lad.
  5. It's an honest post i usually can't be arsed signing up to most forums but based on my experience of whats happened in the last few months with regards to the TA i felt it necessary. I am sure there are ex regs just like me with a big gap from serving who miss it like **** but don't know what to do. Well for me and i am sure for others it is THE answer.
  6. Muley check your PMs / Private Messages.

    Under "my stuff", top of the page.

  7. :oops:
  8. Muley I know what you mean. I served in the RE for 12 years, got out in 2001. Missed it so joined back up.

    I have my medical next week, but its taken 2 months since I sent my papers off the get this far. Apparently they had to ask an old lady who holds the power of the Ex-reg documents in Glasgow if it was ok for me the re-join.

    She said 'Yes!"
  9. Big thumbs up from me too for the TA.

    I had similair doubts about re-joining after a 12 year gap, but I can honestly say (Up to now) the unit I joined have proved to as professional and commited as any regular unit I served with, the DS are all top blokes, know there stuff and want to help you learn and pass.

    Infact we have had training I never did as a Regular, that is hard but far more interesting and varied, well in my opinion anyway.

    So P Coy August, jumps October?? Hope so

  10. Muley, did this TA unit explain their "entrenching tool" and "Danish tour guide" policy to you? Things might have changed since you were in.
  11. ive just shat myself
  12. Well clean yourself up then. 8O