ex reg joining TA

Hello Forum, Just a quick Question.
Iv just recently joined my local T.A unit after a short break from regular service. Iv been lucky enough for my new unit to let me keep my rank from when i was originally serving full time. my question is about my yearly bounty.Iv heard rumors that as iv only recently left the regulars that i will automatically qualify for full bounty.is there any qualifying period for the amount of days i need to attend as a ex regular to qualify for this years bounty?
Any help much appreciated.

Regards Barny.
I'm no expert, but i'm pretty sure you have to meet the 28 days requirement. I don't know if there is any leeway given how close you are to the end of the fiscal year.
You need to get your hands on DIN 2012DIN01-18 this gives you all the information you need about joining the TA after the Regs and yes your are right about qualifing for the three year bounty in your first year. You also don't have to do as many days to qualify.

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