Ex reg joining TA

I was a Cpl in the RLC as what is now known as a Supply Specialist. I left 3 1/2 years ago after doing 7 1/2 years.

I am thinking of joining the TA in the RLC again but would like to know if I would keep rank or have to start again?

Also I am in Gloucestershire and am wondering where the nearest reg is or attachment.

Keeping your rank tends to be dependant on there being a slot available for that rank, well if you are going for the same role in your chosen unit.

You may not keep it due to the amount of time you have been out however you may find yourself 'fast tracked'
Try "TA Near You". There seems to be a RLC vacuum near Gloucester - nearest I could see was Lyneham and Swindon, although you know where in the county is easy for you to get to and there is a Rifles company and an RAMC detachment at the Gloucester TA Centre, both of which may have Supply billets.

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