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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by devilish, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. Got an ex reg on our books, he's been out 2.5 years and has retained his rank from regular service. Can anyone tell me if he will also be eligible for the full bounty if he's passed all matts and done the days?

    Cant remember if it was 2 or 3 years break in service?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    See this DIN: 2009DIN01-092 and 2007DIN01-014.
  3. No access to either armynet(lost my fecking password, again!) or DII, could you kindly give me a rundown of the contents, ideally just the bit which lets me give him the good or bad news. Thanks.
  4. Make sure you check all his courses are pukka Dev, we had a right bullshitter a while back, been on every course going.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Go and find it or ask your Chief Clerk.

  6. The lad is spot on mate, no billy bullsh!tter here. Even had the grace to tell us he wasn't 'officially' bowmanized and it turns out he knows it inside out. He's a good egg.

    Thanks msr, hardly state secrets you'd be giving away is it? :?
  7. Neither of those DINs give a definitive answer. this is the only part pointing to 'Bounty' but not what level of bounty he'd be entitled to.

    7. Commanding officers would sign off an individual’s Certificate of Efficiency for Bounty purposes in the normal
    manner using the reduced attendance and training requirements as outlined above, and specifying this DIN as the
    authority for these reduced training liabilities. In order to simplify the application and administration of the 3-year
    concession, the end of the 3-year concession will be deemed to be extended to the end of that current training year."
  8. JSP754 04.0507 gives you the answer or check your PMs.
  9. Thanks Idrach, check PM
  10. If he's been out under 3 years he will come in on Level 5 bounty provided he meets his training requirement and passes the reduced MATTs requirement for Ex-Regulars within the training year.
  11. So what about if you been out under 4 years (May 2006) ?

    Looking at joining my local TA and would be nice to get a heads up before I go there.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Which capbadge?
  13. Ex-RAC crewman joining RE as Combat Eng
  14. If you are out over three years but less than 6, you will be exempt phase 1 training but you will not come back in at the same rank unless your new unit gets dispensation from DM(A), as you are also re-joining under another capbadge you will obviously have to do RE trade training.

    The 3 year concession to come back on level 5 bounty extends to the end of the training year in which your three years comes up i.e. if you had been out over 3 years in Aug 09 you have had until Mar 10 to complete your reduced training requirement and come in on Level 5. Over 3 years you will start from Level 1 bounty and will have to complete all MATTs. Full details are in 2007DIN01-014 which your new unit can access through the defence intranet.

    As your 3 years ran out in May 09 you have until 31 Mar 10 to complete your MTD requirement and reduced MATTs. As it looks like you haven't yet been re-enlisted it is very unlikely you will achieve this and would therefore come in at Level 1.
  15. Very concise and clear JD, many thanks.