Ex-Reg; Any Chance???

Im trying to join my local RMP (v) unit and when filling in all the paper work had to put down my charge's that i got whilst i was a reg, there were three all for the same thing,
Leaving a training area,
not securing a weapon (gave it to a mate and said "im off" but didnt admit this later so they didnt get in the shit and
taking a military vechicle,
there were circumstances so does anyone think this will go against me, did not go to collie just got fined.
Also whats all this about a maximum ammount of days in a year you can work and what do you do as an RMP(v)????
Cherrs Guys.....
I spent 28 days in Collie as a reg and it didnt effect me when I joined mate... however I didn't join the RMP!

Just call up the recruiter mate and ask him... t'is what I'd do... you then wont have to worry about it all weekend.

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