Ex-Reg; Any Chance???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rethinkingit, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Im trying to join my local RMP (v) unit and when filling in all the paper work had to put down my charge's that i got whilst i was a reg, there were three all for the same thing,
    Leaving a training area,
    not securing a weapon (gave it to a mate and said "im off" but didnt admit this later so they didnt get in the shit and
    taking a military vechicle,
    there were circumstances so does anyone think this will go against me, did not go to collie just got fined.
    Also whats all this about a maximum ammount of days in a year you can work and what do you do as an RMP(v)????
    Cherrs Guys.....
  2. I spent 28 days in Collie as a reg and it didnt effect me when I joined mate... however I didn't join the RMP!

    Just call up the recruiter mate and ask him... t'is what I'd do... you then wont have to worry about it all weekend.
  3. No one knows surprise surprise.... just have to wait.....fingers and toes.