Ex-Recruit Bullying Claims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. I bet the super soaraway Sun is kicking itself from not picking up on this story. Tom ND and co is probably on his way to him for the tabloid exclusive.

    BBC Wales link
  3. Surely only if the complaint is one of assault, then the local Police would be interested.
    Not sure the local Police would be interested in a complaint of bullying.
  4. Exactly, Wilts will probably take notes but it will bounce back and forth until the complaintant get bored and gives up!.
  5. Its not bullying, its "characator building!" lol!!

    If you think its bullying then ask another NCO if said behavior is bullying (dont give the name of the bully unless asked -as this may be seen as dobbing)

    If second NCO agrees that it is bullying, then proceed to complain, if second NCO says " stop being a pooofter and get on with it" then reconsider whether the Military is the place for you as you obviously can't hack it!

    True Bullying should be stamped out with a heavy foot, but it seems that characator building is getting confused with bullying these days!
  6. 9 times out of 10 its the bloody playstation generation either upset that theyve been told off or just jumping on the bandwagon thinking that there may by some cash involved!
  7. Translation:

    Fat little ****** hurts knee because he has to do the first bit of physical activity in his life; sues army for "bullying".

    What a load of bollocks.

  8. Well said. Another one of the "I was brought up in trainers" generation.
  9. Gareth Rees, 18, from Pembroke, claims he was bullied and assaulted while on basic training at Lucknow Barracks, Tidworth, Wiltshire.

    Do they do basic training at Lucknow Bks??

    Maybe if he wasn't a knobber he wouldn't have been punched.
  10. "while on basic training at Lucknow Barracks, Tidworth, Wiltshire."

    When did we start doing basic training at tidworth?
  11. FFS,
    im looking to joining the army im 21 , i take offence to this blokes attitude and to Filbert Fox assertion that everyone in the playstation generation are all pussy's , ill gladly take a beasting and looking forward to it i see it as character building
  12. Filbert Fox did state 9 times out of 10, which is probably a likely statistic, however you maybe that 1 out of 10 and you need to show that to your oppos not tell us on a website. Good luck!
  13. yeah good point , appologies Fibert Fox
  14. you havent even joined yet and you say youre looking forward to the beasting! big words from the civvie! Normal non-fatal beastings were part of life in the army, the fact that people cant handle it now and go running to more than willing solicitors shows a weakness/greed in todays youth brought about by not playing competitive sports at school and wanting something for nothing throughout thier lives.

    I wasnt talking about the entire playstation generation, Im talking about those who whinge and whine and claim bullying, harrassment etc.. sure there will be times when there is something to it, but 9 times out of 10 its because theyve been mollycuddled and have had their own way since birth. These are in the minority of those who join the army but are the majority of those who complain.
  15. yeah i understand , im ok with it becuase i know its good for me in the long term interm of preparing me for my role in the army and l becuase i was always brought up that if i did something wrong i would get the belt , none of this your not getting tv for a couple days, rubbish.

    was brought up having to do house work pretty mutch every day if i wanted anything.

    it is a sad state of affairs these days!

    I have to say i was in work *high street retailer* and i had a royal marnies commando complaining that they didn't tell him he would spend most his days and nights in muddy cold ditches . "what did he think it would be like?"