EX RE Claimed to be working for THEM to claim compensation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by northern-matelot, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. What a ****ing spastic.
  2. Why do people do it to themselves? Even if you get away with something like that, you've got 20 years of looking over your shoulder to look forward to.
  3. £40k for falling down some steps?
  4. Oh I dunno. He looks plenty ****ing speshul if you ask me.

  5. get me some steps...
  6. There are 49 of the ******* some where but for the life of me. I can't remember where.
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  7. Probably make more money if he took up Pro boxing.
  8. what a complete twat! How people think they'll get away with making stuff like this up is beyond me. Made worse by the fact that he was once a sapper! Served for 5 years and left 'cos of stress? Oh! poor lamb!
  9. The Emperor works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.
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  10. I'm struggling to understand how he thought he'd get away with it.
    If he was serving in Afghanistan with them at the time how the **** did he fall down stairs in Wales?
    If he fell down stairs in Wales and****ed his knee up who the **** sent him to Afghanistan with them while nursing a****ed knee?

    I reckon he must have banged his head on the last step
  11. Richard Hannay's on the phone for you...
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  12. The bastards have added 10 since last time then, probably off public funds too.
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  13. He's done quite well in terms of sentencing though. Three years for manslaughter and four weeks for this latest stunt. What happens when he does something serious like kill somebody for no reason? Oh, hang on a minute..
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