Discussion in 'RLC' started by Bumble squat, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. Come on guys, let's start a re-org on here!!

    Lets take over..... :nod:
  2. So we can end up fighting and throwing rattles out of prams like RAOC Online and Facebook?
  3. Got to be honest.... Don't know what it was about, and never saw any of it either.

    Just thought it might be nice to get in touch with a few old mates!
  4. Only if your still serving.
  5. Still serving? Not sure what is mean't by that....
  6. It's not 1992 any more Toto!

    The forming Corps associations already have a massive representation in the Spunkstainer, why do you want to "take over" the RLC ARRSE section too? If you want to live in the past, find an ROAC association meet near you and do it there - even better, start one yourself.

    How the **** will the Corps look forward and acutally get some esprit de corps if people keep trying to drag it back into the past?!
  7. OK now I understand...... Could of been put a bit different than that I guess.
    It was just an idea, now I understand why it wasn't and it isn't.
    Should of thought before I put it up.
    As I'm new to this, how do you remove a post?
  8. You don't.

    You leave it as a lesson to others - like they used to do when pirates were hanged...
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  9. Nice one - As you say lesson learnt....
  10. ps Maybe you were looking for the 'Old n Bold' forum...
  11. I would imagine that in some cases you would be right however, i am not old nor bold, so I don't think that I fit that category.
    I too have served in the RLC and had some good times with good mates. The intention was not to use this incorrectly it was merely to catch up with some old mates from units that I've served at. Mentioning the R*** on a RLC thread is not cricket, and I apologise for that...
    If I'd of known before hand this would never of happened. I know now so I guess I am able to use the system more carefully, so as not to upset anyone.
  12. And that's it is it? The sum of your effort? I'm ******* ashamed.

    You put out a call to arms for the RAOC Massive to unshackle themselves from the chains of the RLC and rise up.....Happy as a Hat points out that it might be rather rude and you fall on your sword (delete: sword, insert:face). It's ******* easy to start a flame war in here and you have failed. Clearly a Sup Con or some such shit!

    This is how you should do it:

    You see all you ***** who weren't RAOC? You're all ******* ******* the lot of you. The RAOC was ******* ace and could out run, out fight, out think and out **** the RE,ACC,RPC and RCT put together (RCT deliberately last cos they were the shittest of the lot). RAOCeeeeeee RAOCeeeeeeeeeeeee we're the lads in blue and red and we've fucked the RCTeeeeee. Happy as a Hat can go **** right off everyone knows he transferred in from the RAF.
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  13. You called? I'm an ex-Sup Con and coincidentally, shit!

    RAOC Online where sad, bitter and twisted old Raggies go to die, or at worst, talk utter bollocks about the good ol' days? Dire desperate dullard crap!
    I now know what virtual water-boarding feels like, every time I used to log in
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  14. Well done BPS666, see Bumble Squat that's how you do it .......

    A call to arms as it should be done, never mind as you said lesson learned.

    As for happy as a hat what a tosser, Perhaps he should get out from behind his desk and learn about the real world, and while your at it learn to use a spell checker, that you do get issued nowadays as part of your computer.

    I have had some good times with the RAOC, although never served with them I have stood with them drinking, laughing, fighting with them and fighting against them, its just a shame that too many people forget about how things used to be and in turn are losing traditions and customs that have been going for a very long time, not just the last 20 years or so, yes it is true that we can all look to the future but some things are best not forgotten and lost in the pages of history.

    I would be happy to re-org with you bumble squat, because realistically we are all Brothers In Arms.