Ex-Ranker PO Leave/Retention bonus

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hotshot85, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Having searched extensively on the forums I can find no clarification on the status of the leave entitlement/retention bonus of a soldier who is expecting to attend the DE Commissioning Course.

    Will my bonus need to be repaid if I am starting the Commissioning Course within a year of claiming it?And will I then start from scratch on 4,5 etc year bonus's?

    Do I carry over my leave entitlement from the financial year I am in or will be given a new allocation of leave from the point I begin the Commissioning Course.

    I have info on pay/seniority/pension but my HCRS are at a loss over the leave. I'm hoping I'll be able to get "turbo-shited" over the next few months on the remainder of my leave entitlement and then enjoy a brand new allocation of (adjusted) leave in September!Woot!
  2. Can't quote the rules but it doesn't make any kind of sense to have to pay back a retention bonus as in effect you are being retained irrespective of whether in your current rank or commissioned one. Also I believe you now retain your regimental number so your JPA account will remain, updated to show your new rank etc. but your leave account will still be attached to your regimental number so I can't see your ALA changing.
  3. "And will I then start from scratch on 4,5 etc year bonus's?"

    Officers don't get CBs... once you commission no more bonuses.
  4. If you're still wondering I took my four year money during the CC, leave was never mentioned once!
  5. Is there an echo in here?