Ex RAFP Sgt Electrifies Home Against Chav Scum!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well done that man!!!
    Remember back in the 80's when the Beastie Boys wore VW emblems so fans were nicking them off cars & one owner wired his VW badge up to the mains!


  2. I remember playing enemy, being piss wet through and throwing myself back spectacularly in pretend death throes and landing with my left boot on an electrified cattle wire.

    It was agony. my sodden bootlace was wrapped round the wire so I couldn't get away and my CSgt was screaming at me to play dead properly.

    The whole platoon attack dissolved into fits of laughter and had to be re-run. I wasn't popular.
  3. I lived and worked in Cornwall for three of the longest years of my life!Always in close collaboration with the Police.There is a wierd attitude that exists down there towards folk from 'up country',and this is reflected in the Police Force.It's either "That doesn't happen down here" or If you don't like the way we do things F*** O** back to where you come from.Failure to tolerate this or to accept your new inferior status leads to social isolation.The best thing the ex- Snowdrop could do is go down to his local and buy some 'Wacky Backy',he will then be seen as a possible source of income and as he now was a known offender, trust worthy!Cornwall is a great place for a holiday,when you have money to spend you are welcome any where,but if you choose to live there remember you are only tolerated as a cash cow!
  4. I drove a tank through one on SPTA, and being a little tired after two weeks on ex couldn't work out why every time I picked up the two ends to rejoin them my hands started hurting :oops: Needless to say my crew stood there giggling and not telling me.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    More importantly he is 63 and his wife is 55.

    Good drills.
  6. Long time ago on PCBC a tw@t in a night patrol that had strayed onto sched 1 land got the foresight of his GPMG entangled in an electric fence and didn't let go. The element of surprise was lost by the sounds of various profanities (and giggling)
  7. As a cadet may years ago, whilst on Exercise we were told to treat any cars a enemy and evade detection, so on a pi$$ing it down night time wearing the old poncho (and wet through) I head first jumped over a wall and landed upside down trapped between the wall and an electric fence. Awesome the B******s other cadets tried once ! to help me until they got fried by the fence and left me there !
  8. I had a Merc' 2 days before some tw@t tried to rob the bonnet emblem.

    It didn't work; the spring mechanism seemed to hold it. I had to change to a flat star so they wouldn't do any damage in the future.

  9. Well done that man, shame its only 12V.
    FIAT JUSTITA (let justice be done)
  10. Don't the memories flood back, I remember on a recce patrol on PCBC seeing someone put their SLR across an electric fence, blue flash as the rifle sailed in the air and a lunatic dancing all over the place, hysterical!
  11. i expect theres only about 12 people on duty in Cormwall outside of Penzance at any one time.

    D and C is a funny old place. I lived there and frankly wasn't impressed.

  12. 12V my ass. The working range is 2000V to 10Kv with most running around 3000-5000V. They are designed to penetrate a cow's hide so I guess they will work rather well on a sweaty hoodie.
  13. only mistake he's made is to wire it at 12V

    240 is much much more effective IMO

    When will the Police et al, realise that the vast majority of the UK need protecting from ChavScum like this and start taking "appropriate action" against the little tosspots?

    The Judiciary had a very good opportunity when Tony Martin was up in Court, but blew it and sent the word out that they could, in effect, do anything to the honest population

    TBH, on the rare occaision I have to phone the Police due to ChavScum, I always tell the operator that unless they send someone, I'll be going outside with a kitchen knife to sort it myself- always works.
  14. If he's ex RAFP doesn't he have a nice barrier to control who & what comes onto his premises ;)
  15. If the fence is inside another fence, and the outer fence clearly states that you shouldn't climb it....

    any one climbing over it should not be able to sue, they have been warned.

    And any judge allowing such idiocy should have his wig removed from his head, used to pick up cow sh1t and then rammed down their throats.

    I fear if the police aren't seen to do something soon, which would include all the other agencies also (CPS, courts, etc) there WILL be a massive rise in the law abiding starting to snap. It wont neccesarily end with us all torching ourselves in our cars either.

    This government are obsessed with laws but they haven't brought one in that says "if you are injured*, maimed or killed carrying out an illegal or criminal act... tough t1tty".

    Speaks volumes.

    * includes hurty feely claims.