ex radio relay op makes an arrse of himself on tv!!

oh my god ! while channel flicking i came across a face that i had not seen in years , on itv, some new show called "rock around the block".his name- kevin bennet otherwise known as "ev"!!. yes the black dude with the funky little hole on the bridge of his nose.last unit he served in was 230 sigs 16 sig regt ,left the corps after 22 yrs as a cpl. the family that he is with on itv is not the one i knew he had before he left. are there any other fellow arrsers out there who watched this appalling spectacle on national tv??
if you are quick you can catch the last 15 mins on itv now!!
Oh my god i feel stupider just for watching this.
chavtastic tv followed by a quiz show to win 100,000 lottery tickets this is why i refuse to buy a licence. (I know it's on ITV but aunties no better these days).
Well i've always said relay op's will do pretty much anything.
so did he do his last 6 months in the uk? , as i was on the understanding that he left 230 @2002 ish to live in canada! . seems he got bogged down in birmingham! .
My mistake i was thinking of someone else, but i do remember 'Ev' from when i was attatched to 7 Sigs in Kosovo, good bloke.
Ev was one hell of a bloke. I had the pleasure of working with him in 229 at 7 Sigs. Well I say working, he had the uncanny knack of making everyone else around him work, and he just seemed to strut his stuff !
ev bennet , black dude , hole on the bridge of nose, ex pti ! was the sherrif at 2 sigs ,so the line from blazing saddles was used more than once (the sherrifs a n****r)radio relay op , was at tn011 229 sqn 7 sigs during kosovo 99. then moved to 16 sigs jhq 230 sqn , always wore old bolloxed combats circa 1960s !drove clapped out cars !
His last unit WAS 16 Sigs, but he was attached to the TM Tp there to babysit the Techs, he was meant to be flying over to Canada to meet up with his family who flew there before him. There was him and "Dutch" Clog who ran the LTOOU as 16 during 2002. Awsome leaving do if I remember rightly.
forsaken , i saw the programme the other day with ev bennet in and the family that he was with wasnt the one he was with @16 sigs! any thoughts
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