Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by BullyBoots, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. With largely redundant trades skills seeming a mere memory from a dim and distant Cold War past, what do our ex Sigs brethren now do that can't be done by many other already-established tri-service trade groups?

    After all, the RAF are already well established at Digby and actually enjoy sitting there for 22 years at a stretch. You can grab a wallah on any section to make you a brew if you ask nicely enough and the Paras do walking around in smocks far better than the EWOPs ever did.

    Can they justify their existence or should they all be retraded as RAF Int An C's?
  2. Why are you here? Can't stand the heat in the Signals board?
  3. Actually, I heard a rumour that the Corps only took them in case we needed someone to slow march...sometime soon.....maybe...on a big parade.....
  4. Not very clued up are you? Int An Cs do noises, it's Int An Vs who do voice.

    I'm not entirely sure from where you find our trade skills redundant either. Just ask those same Para fashionistas who you admire so much about Herrick 4. And if it's a brew you're after, I'm sure you could find a Radio Supe who is desperate for friends to make you one. Face it, he need to be desperate for friends. Perhaps next time you're under the floor at Digby you could pull the hatch closed and just fukcing die, throbber.
  5. My Bold. Radio Supervisors are now called Yeoman of Signals (EW). Not very clued up eh ?
  6. Are they really! When did that happen? :roll:
  7. November I think - they changed the name of what used to be the IS Supervisor to Foreman of Signals (IS) as well.
  9. wait for it....

    wait for it...
  10. Gentlemen, when enjoying a bit of banter and a bit of time off, it pays dividends not to go on the lager and forget you logged on earlier and didn't change your nick-name.

    I apologise to anyone who didn't see this as a bit of banter style grief blah, blah, blah!

    My PC ineptitude now see's me retiring.

    All the best and happy new year!
  11. that bike must have an engine its going backwards so fast... :lol:
  12. Similar bantering of redundant skills was occasioned with the end of empire when Empire Warriors observed the last National Serviceman march sort of smartly off the parade square (remember parade squares)?, the demise of regimental tailors,barbers and cooks, company runners and buglers and the provision of officer's batmen to only the highest of ranks. REME took over first line repair of radios and the jimmy hat badge disappeared to well behind the FEBA and A1 echelons. Cold War warriors could serve 22 years in UK and/or BAOR and never see a shot fired in anger or in error. The New Conflict Warrior - that's the luckily combat experienced, bemedalled soldier of NOW, - will no doubt be spinning tales to future generations of khaki clads manning forts and houses in places where ever foreign policy has sent them. Anyone for Urdu ?
  13. Farsi may travel better :wink:
  14. Yes for now!
    ??? ???? ??? (oops script didn't copy)
  15. so are you gonna retire both identities?