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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    A GREEN 'wave' of Ulster emigrants is flooding daily into war-ravaged Iraq.

    Dozens of veteran PSNI and RUC officers are selling expertise gained through 30 years of the Troubles to the highest bidders of the crisis-torn country's reconstruction boom.

    And it is richly rewarding work: Officers leaving £35,000 posts in the PSNI are collecting salaries of between £60,000 and £90,000......



    Reading between the lines,it looks like there are a lot of disillusioned officers out there who've lost confidence in their C.C,The Government & the job as awhole.
  2. They are not disillusioned, work it out its simple £35k for £60 - 90k, I'd go for that!
  3. Not long ago we had a thread somewhere about the terrible stresses and strains of being a RUC as was, PSNI officer as is. Lives ruined. Families in turmoil. Etc. Etc. I gave opinion that the guys on 24/7 OT sitting behind the sandbags at New Barnsley never looked stressed to me.
    Now, we have these blokes going out to Iraq. Must seem like a holiday camp after the pain and suffering of NI?
  4. Still moaning about that issue oldredcap, you really are a boring broken record prong.

  5. You're not disagreeing with his comments then?
  6. So you're an expert after spending a couple of tours over here try doing it for 26 years,I bet you never had a phonecall at 1AM from Special Branch telling you to get your family out of the house immediatly as they just recieved a warning about a possible attack on you.At least after a tour you went back to the safety of GB ,we lived with it 24-7 ,365 days a year .Most put on a good face but do you know what went on at their homes, the alcoholism the suicides,divorces.Yes we got overtime ,why not ,every police officer gets overtime and we didnt ask for it we were detailed it.I think you are a twisted jealous old cnut if these guys can make a go of it good on them, not for me but then as a result of an injury I cant walk more than a couple of hundred yards I dont think I would be much use over there.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I know a few PSNI officers over here & a few of them ar very urined off with the way they are allowed to do there job.A mate of mine even went as far as to transfer to another force as he'd had enough.He was on the TSG.
  8. There will always be an exception to any generalisation. It did not require massive experience to see what many rucksacks were getting. You have my respect if that helps the offence I have caused.
    I would only make one further comment. You speak of the call from SB. I remember the calls from SB at the time of internment when troops were ordered to go to number whatever of such and such street and arrest a dangerous terrorist. When they got there they found that the house to which they were directed had been burned out in NI version of ethnic cleansing some two years previously. Not all SB info was faultless
  9. Very true, I know the Civil Nuclear Constabulary are always keen to take on Police Officers from the PSNI.
  10. Just to update any who are confused by my post, Oldredcap consistently posts in threads regarding Police, especially RUC, dismissing either in a thinly veiled fashion or outright the existence of PTSD, mental trauma, disruption and any ill effects incidents and hardships may have had on officers lives. He uses every opportunity that arises from a new item in the news or a new thread started by someone to post the same old bone snide remarks.

    Oldredcap is a bitter, sad little dinosaur, who has been informed repeatedly by both me and others who are much more qualified to post that these are real issues. Sadly he is so bitter, ignorant, full of himself or just downright stupid he never seems to get it.

    Any still serving would do well to distance themselves from his posts and moronic attitudes, for their own sake and that of their comrades.
  11. Not a bad demonstration on your part of the effects of PTSD. There most certainly were officers who gave tremendous service. There were officers who went through great stress and strain.
    Not all though. Comment on those who took the easy route through their service cannot be denied because it may further upset those who suffered. They live on the record of men far better than they. However, you do a good job in protecting them and I cannot condemn you for choosing this employment.Just one further comment. Have a read of this - involved RUC officers. RUC conduct Not all acted as here described/alleged but it makes my point that there is no such single tyhing as A RUC officer. Some good. Some not so good.
  12. Seems Oldredcap learns a lot of Ulster with his tour an NI medal.

    try it 15 years like my dad, never driving home on the same road, checking farm gates
    for booby traps before feeding the cattle, checking under every vehicle before driving anywere
    then having to fight to gain his long service medal, because he couldnt go to a few
    damn training wks on the mainland.

    Then maybe you would understand a little about stress.
  13. Looks like squaddies had it easy then.
  14. i would like to ask a certain member of my family of his opinion as a member of the RUC, unfortunately the INLA shot him dead while he was having an off-duty pint. "Lives ruined. Families in turmoil" - it happened to many during those dark days of the troubles. you cannot compare what the PSNI do now, and what was suffered by the RUC then.
  15. One or two military types did more than a roulement tour or two during the 69-94 years, remember. I (and a goodly number of coevals) spent 12 and more years in the province in various functions, and after one tour all my hair fell out on arriving in Cyprus. It wasn't because of a hard C130 landing, either.
    On the other hand, a number of mates in the RUC of around my age and (sort of) seniority have since retired on the package from a few years ago, to the Spanish coasts or Florida, while I'll be grinding on for a good few years yet to make sure I and Mrs WB don't live on catfood in our retirement. If some are now using their experience to make a bob or two as moving targets elsewhere, best of luck to them; more than a few former toms are doing the same.