Ex-president Carter heavily critises Bush and Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DPM_Sheep, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Looks like the acrimony between the Dems and the Republicans is getting even more heated as Jimmy Carter, a former Democrat President and recent Nobel Peace Price winner, slams the current US administration and doesn't spare old Tone either. :D

  2. Jimmy Carter is insane...he was incompetent as President but now he is insane. I heard his Library or whatever was being funded by Arab money.....but his insanity and obsessional desire to shoot his mouth off at very chosen moments is not helpful, but it is part of his increasingly commercialised Loathing of the West routine that seems to play well with media and publishers
  3. How much do you know about his and the Carter Center's work?

    Go down to the corner shop, buy yourself a clue and then get back to us.

  4. You chose your name wisely....

    Carter Center
  5. And what does the Carter Center do, Trigger?
  6. And if you want to include a list of all the Saudi money that goes to firms with connections to the Bush family too, that'd be wonderful.

    Also, give us a run down of all philanthropic donations by the King of Jordan, The Emir of Dubai, Sultan of Oman etc etc. It's funny how the mere implication that brown people are involved leads you to believe that there's impropriety involved.
  7. Granted Carter is not my favorite person, you're really not providing a solid argument Voyager. crabtastic is kicking your ass here
  8. Since we are implying some sort of bias in Carter, let's look at the symposiums listed on your source's web site.

    One Islam?
    Apes, Pigs and Anti-Semitism
    Confronting Hezbollah
    The First Nuclear Terrorist Power
    The Problem with Public Education

    Since we are implying guilt by association, what blogs are listed at this site:

    # PowerLine Blog
    # Little Green Footballs
    # PolySigh
    # The Anti-Chomsky Blog
    # Snapshots
    # Milt Rosenberg
    # The Anti-Chomskyan Redoubt

    How about we look into who owns the web site?

    Horowitz Freedom Center
    4401 Wilshire Blvd
    4th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90010


    Who is Horowitz, one might ask?


    So your evidence that Carter is insane and his criticism of Bush and Blair is dictated by islamofascists is from a racist's web site?
  9. Carter was a lousy president (could be said his biggest weakness was being too nice of a guy) but that has been our norm since Ike left office. While I seriously doubt he's insane by any stretch of the imagination, the man is certainly a bit senile and easily led along. He needs to be quietly retired and occupying a rocking chair on his farm rather than being manipulated as a political mouthpiece repeating a script. Of course, the irony is that the people using him are the same ones he wouldn't have associated with in the past as he had a fairly high ethical standard. Ah well... I guess it's better he's earning his family some dinero via the antics than getting bamboozled by Oral Roberts and company as many of our elderly are (religious mosquitos...)
  10. He may have been lousy to you but at least he had the balls to authorize Op Eagle Claw despite the risks. Now please tell me what Raegan did in Lebanon during th hostage crisis again? Cheesy poofters
  11. He authorized a low impact version of the plan RS. Far as I'm concerned, failing to respond with overt force then is why we are playing reactionary to Iran's lead now.

    Lebanon was a totally differant situation than Iran. When American citizens stay despite being told to get out because the money was too good, it's their own darned fault that tangos snatched 'em. Assaulting an embassy and holding it's staff hostage is an overt act of aggression that required... hell, demanded, an over the top reaction. A heavy hand then would have most certainly resulted in less problems since.
  12. Insane? Incompetent? Funded by Oil money? Wow, that rings some big bells with another President.

    Too young to remember Carter from the time but know something of his work since and tend to agree he was/is a better man than Bush, and the neo-con attempts to attack, discredit and sideline him does there cause no favours. Predictable and transparent spin. He has worked hard towards advancing the peace process in the Middle East and is entitled to an opion i think.
  13. Being a nicer person does not equate to being a better national leader Jockass. Carter's presidency was a total failure as both his foreign and domestic policies imploded with disasterous results.
  14. Pay peanuts,get monkeys? :D
  15. LMAO!!! Excellent analogy...

    Sad part is that we really never get a good choice of candidates to vote for as the two parties pretty much call those shots. Usually I end up voting for the lesser of two evils... although that has been a rather difficult distinction to make the last couple presidential cycles.