Ex Poacher - Needs support - Help for Heroes - UPDATE

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by josh5000red, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    After posting my plea for support only one kind person donated. I was really hoping that people would back me from the forum even if people only donated £1 (same approx value as - 2 choc bars, 3 packets crisps, 1 bag of chips).

    Over 100 people viewed the post, so to have only 1 kind person donate was a shock!! This is such a great cause as we all know, so please even £1 or 50p will help more than you know. For those that use ebay, you can use paypal which is really easy!!

    Previous post is below!

    Many Thanks


    Hi everyone,

    I am an extra infantry soldier (private) who served in Iraq with 2 Royal Anglian. As a result of that tour and other operation tours, I have had friends who have suffered horrific injuries or lost their lives.

    I am doing a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro for Help for Heroes and am aiming to raise £4000. I have to raise a minimum of £1300 by Jan so need as much support as poss!!

    This is my page - www.justgiving.com/josh-butcher1

    You can sponsor anything from £1 using a debit card or using paypal.

    Any support especially from serving soldiers or veterans would mean a lot,


    Josh Butcher
  2. If we all donated to everyone that asked, we'd all be skint!

    Your best bet is to chat to somebody known and respected on the forum. I'd suggest MDN, but he's been court martialled. Has his replacement arrived yet?
  3. I thought I'd sorted this one.....
  4. Dale, a good point well made.

    Help4Heroes have made 30million +++ in 18mths IIRC. My view is that people have jumped on the bandwagon without really considering the end use of the money. Thats an awful lot of interest! Building facilities the Govt should be paying for (Some New Labour knighthoods around the corner perhaps?)

    Add to this stories that abound about refusal of grants and salubrious staff cars etc, I have stopped donating to H4H completely

    Big impact from small donations is what Hols4H is about and I for one go all gushey over the results this wonderful group has!

    Having just sorted with MDN a holiday for an injured 'Poacher' , we do more than our bit.

    SO, if you want to winge about people on ARRSE not donating, then do it somewhere other than on ARRSE. :evil:
  5. Given what the boy Jarrod just said, how much of the 1300 quid will actually make it into the H4H charity pot? all of it? Will your mates directly benefit from your efforts? What has their regt association done for them? What has the British Legion ABF etc done for them? what is still required? I won't give to random "extra infantrymen" in the street let alone on the web? more info may get a donation!
  6. Do I take it then that the first £1300 donated pays for his holiday on Mount Kilmanjaro? :? :roll:
  7. These things are good for friends, family and workmates who would not normally give but they're rubbish for general charity giving and are only slightly better than flogging "charity" Christmas cards for the amount of money that actually gets to the charity.

    Good luck on your climb and raising money but you'd be better doing the 3 Peaks challenge in the UK, organise it yourself and you can then put virtually every penny into the charity pot rather than into the administrators' pockets.
  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Not quite that but your on the right track.
    I also won't donate to anything like that.
    I also won't donate to anyone doing anything like the 3 peaks.

    The majority of people will try to climb all three of the peaks in 24 hours.
    As a result of the above most will arrive at Scafell Pike during the night.
    The summer months around the longest day are the most popular times of the year although from May to October you will find groups doing it every weekend.
    Most people do the event as part of a large sponsored event raising money for a charity
    A large percentage will not beregular fell goers, as they are doing it solely to raise funds for a good cause.
    We are not talking about a couple of hundred people spread out over the year, it is hundreds of people each night, and nearly 6,000 each year.
    Wasdale has no mains water or sewage and only one public loo.
    200 people using a path in one hour do ten times the amount of damage as 200 people do using the same path over the course of a week.
    Large numbers of people arriving in the middle of the night by minibus cannot do so quietly.
    People still need to go to the toilet even if there isn't one available.
    Some charities pay event companies to organise the events for them, the more the better for the company and the charity. It isn't just a fundraiser, it's big business. 2,000 eventers at £100 a head - someone's getting rich and it's not the charity.
  9. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Excellent post, Snail, and good points all.

    Help Them Out/Holidays for Heroes doesn't have anywhere near the overheads of the other charities, and can react directly and quickly. Since MDN started it with that whip-round all those months ago, I have been overawed by the generosity of folk on arrse. They have done walks, shoots, raffles, carried bears into dangerous places, donated auction items, bid like billy-o and donated in their dozens for causes which need immediate action or r&r after traumatic events.

    I can't agree with the implication of any meanness. No sirree.
  10. Quite right, why should you have to do something for charity? What makes people give when they wouldn't normally just because someone is going to make a tit of themselves, and why are they happy for 80% of their donation to be eaten up in admin costs?
  11. What everyone else has said (1)

    (1) Except the OP
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I have actually 'done something' to raise money for charity.
    Cost to the charity nil
    Cost to myself hundreds.

    A few years ago we decided to walk the West Highland Way as a family. Having 3 generations of females sat well on the publicity side. and we raised a couple of thousand for SSAFA and a children's hospice.
    We would have done it anyway but saw it as an opportunity to raise money as well.
    Not everything has to have a cost to a charity
  13. Wish I could agree, many years ago I had a girlfriend that was a senior exec. in the British Red Cross, and this was before Thatchers 'everyone for themselves' took off...5* everything except for the 'troops'....Mrs Walt runs the poppy appeal(third year) in our Town/district...can we even take our volunteer collectors(all elderly, 'n' where we live the weathers harsh) for a thank you meal(nothing fancy)...like 'fcuk' we can...district/Pall Mall all whine about "charities,hands,commision,tied"...yet on a couple of courses Mrs. Walt had to attend money was not in short supply for 'ossifers' I had to seriously 'bully' Mrs Walt to put in for expenses...admin. for charities is BIG business....
  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Two different things Walt.
    My point was I raised money through a costly activity but cost the charity nothing.

    How charities spend money, once donated, is another matter.
    Some charites spend a large amount on highly paid people who are in effect being paid by public donations and in the case of service charities this can be on top of a very nice persion.
    Increasingly service charities are having to fund paying more people in post that would, in the past, have been filled by volunteers. Welfare workers for TRBL being a case in point, they have grown in number because of an inability to recruit enough volunteer caseworkers.
    Being a volunteer does cost money, however there are some good volunteers who cannot, through personal circumstances afford not to claim expenses.
    In fact I tell all my volunteers to claim every penny and then donate it back,if they wish, so that the charity can claim gift aid!!
  15. Hi,

    Hadnt logged on until this month since Oct, so wasnt aware of the previous posts, as I would have responded quite openly.

    So far to date I have spent around £700 of my OWN money to pay for the trip etc. That was mandatory prior to signing up. The total amount raised goes straight to the charity, as I clarified that with the charity at the start (one of my concerns).

    As to the holiday quote, I personally dont feel like this is going to be a holiday. I have since Oct 2009, trained harder that was ever required whilst serving. I have been training for 1-2 hours every night, doing 10-12 mile runs and 4 hour hikes on each day of a weekend. The only day off I had from training was Christmas day. I doubt this amount of dedication or energy would be used for going 'on holiday'.

    I find it offensive that anyone who has served or is serving would see a challenge like this as so insignificant based on who I am doing this for.