Ex PM, Ted Heath Dies.


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Shame, 50 years as an MP.

My ex-MP; he happily lived a hundred miles away from his constituency most of the time. On the few occasions I met him (he conducted my orchestra each Christmas) I found him arrogant and, well, slimy. I think his time in office was to the detriment of the country although he, like many less successful domestic politicians the world over, found his niche as an Elder Statesman. I don't celebrate his death, but as when Lord Callaghan died, I don't think we should suddenly don rose coloured glasses when assessing his life.
Without wishing to speak ill of the dead........a bl**dy awful PM, arrogant and rude and in later life boosted his over inflated ego by going on junkets sucking up to foreign dictators (especially the Chinese, yes I know politicians in the real world have to deal with not very nice people, but they only have to do it when they're actually running a government), but hey, apparently very musically talented
an arrogant snob who sold off our fishing rights to europe whithout informing the public. a man like many politicians who could never admit that he made mistakes.
I can't get overly excited about it. As far as I'm concerned he sold this country down the river. He knew full well what the 'European Project' was all about but lied his way past us to get us into it. He was the last of the post-war 'Throw it all away' PMs.
Michael Howard said that Ted Heath suffered a great misfortune in that Iain Macloud (his Chancellor?) died only three weeks after the election. Oh how I wish Macloud was the one that lived on - then the European fiasco/lies would not have occurred.

As mushroom said, for his war service and other talents - rip.

"Let the Choirboys rest easy tonight"
His legacy will forever be our entry in to the shambles that is Europe.

Thanks ted :roll:
An arrogant man, and certainly no democrat.
His attachment to 'Europe' proves that, and that is one legacy I believe we could all do without.
No tears shed here.

''Treason doth never prosper: What's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."
Bit harsh guys. Ted didn't 'sell us down the river', your parents did. There was a referendum remember? Also, the Common Market was just a friendly free trade agreement between nations that only thirty years before had been at each others throats during the most cataclysmic war in human history. Maybe the European Project has been corrupted since, but I for one don't blame a bloke who had fought in the war for trying to make sure it never happened again.

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He did indeed sell us out. He knew very well that it was a political, not an economic, project, but was quite happy to lie to all in the referendum. He gave away the UK fishing industry as a 'sweetener', so desperate was he to get us into Europe.

He won't be missed by many.
Err, he did indeed sell us down the river. As Tony Benn pointed out this morning, his 1970 manifesto said 'enter into negotiations', not 'sign up on your behalf'. The referendum was on withdrawal, and for this we can thank our parents and them being conned (again) by Heath.

He and Blair have so much in common - "you won't get a referendum or vote if you might not agree with me".

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