Ex PATs in the Phillipines?

Are any of you now residing in the warmer climates of Manila or the likes?

If so please tell me if its as good as my imagination has lead me to believe.
I did live there, for work. I loved it. Cheap beer, women and food, good lifestyle.

Admittedly some twat threw a grenade into a crowded bar because he saw his girlfriend with another man. That was the day i arrived.
5 killed in grenade attack in bar in Philippines | UTSanDiego.com

And someone fired off a large mortar round in a bus, just outside a bar I was getting pissed in. Four dead in Manila bus bombing; investigation starts | Reuters

And everyone is tooled up for the OK Coral. But I considered it part of the charm factor.

But let me tell you of the sordid side. One night I went to the Woodmans Head, an expat type bar in P Burgos.


On the way out an elderly Englishman asked me to accompany him to a girly bar up the road called Banditos. This guy was about 80 and pissed.

So into Bandidos. Central stage, 20 poles, every 5 minutes a new girl gets onto the end pole and everyone shuffles up one. The end girl steps off and tries to sell her ass to the patrons. A class establishment.

Bar Bandido - Makati, Philippines - Manila Sex Guide - Clubs - Bars - Bargirls

Old guy keeps ordering drinks, I get pissed. The girls can wear anything, but must wear a minimum G string, and have to carry an ID card to prove they are over 16. Or maybe 18. There is only one place to carry it, tucked down the front of the G string, in the flange area.

2am, and and I drunkenly climb up on stage and walk from pole to pole, pulling out each card, licking it and reinserting it.

Old guy goes wild, buys the whole bar beers. His tab is huge, Then he says "I don't have any money, lets run for it". He is 80 and walks with a zimmer frame. The bouncers are big, ugly and armed. Pump action shotguns,

Im broke, so I cant help. So he gets me to call his wife (She is a local, aged about 18). She is furious, but comes out with the money. He drunkenly drives me home, and she give me a BJ in the back seat.

Its a great place. My wife loved the big malls, and I loved the big molls.

I head Bandidos has closed, and my elderly friend died last year. RIP Eric. Your wife was a class act.
I first visited Manila when Marcos was in power. Never seen so many wepons on the streets in my life and that includes Belfast in early 70's.
Next trip was about 4 years ago when an old friend, Korean war vet, had me visit in his company.
How do you get your money over there, take $ and use ATM withdrawl card.
I took a few hundred $ and first day said show me where ATM's are. We got Motor cycle taxis to the Mall and watched one guy lose his ATM card which the machine ate.
Not prepared to risk my UK ATM debit card, he said no problems with US issude cards, we went in the bank.
I presented my Passport and ATM card on desk of very nice young lady and said 5,000 Peasos please.
She screamed, got up and ran away.
I then heared that sound you will never forget the two Bank guards cocking their Pump Action Shotguns and then turning my way.
I froze. The girl came back, still shaking and said Please don't ask me to do that, I am responsible if you have forged cards or Passport. She was terrified.
My friend said Steady on Young Man we'll go back to hotel and speak to owner.
The hotel owner accpted my UK Credit Card for the stay and was prepared to allow cash at a rate favourable to him. Decent guy.

I visited 3 times early 80s and guns were in abundance.

We were down in Cebu and one of the lads of the ship had is his wallet lifted, we had a police "liaison" officer assigned to the ship to resolve issues so he got to find out. He asked which bar and with in 4/5 hours had the wallet back, minus money. Had him down to the mess for a few tins and the lad who had his wallet lifted for a joke asked if he could kill the girl who did it. The Policeman said sure no problems for a fee he would take the him down to the station to identify the girl, arrange a struggle and he could shot the girl. Chilling stuff, needless to say that did not happen.

Lovely people, girls are fun but life is cheap.
I am devorced from a Thai wife.
Cutting a long story short she accepted a cheque for a large sum of money, the cheque Bounced.
She took matter to local law and they said they cold not get the money back, due to folk invoved, however if she wanted they would top the guy. The misses asked how much, cost of a new motorcycle.
She asked me if I agreed, now ex wife.

They don't play games upcountry.
Lovely people, girls are fun but life is cheap.
Somewhere in Asia, many years ago: The expats used to meet every sunday for brunch and beers, discuss last nights escapades, and generally shoot the shit.

Guy turns up in a cab. apologizes for being late. Car trouble last night.

Turns out the car trouble was running some guy over and killing him. I asked what happened. The police turned up, took a sizable bribe, threw the deceased in the boot and drove off. Probably dumped the errant pedestrian in the harbour.

Someones father, someones son. I stopped going to brunch.

Life is cheap.

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