Ex Pats Complain About Lack of Support

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wehappyfew, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Saw an article in the Telegraph this weekend with the British couple who had recently been blown up in the Maldives in which they complained about the fact that the UK government was not suporting them and that their Air Ambulance had not been paid for by UK taxpayers. Fair point I was thinking as I assumed that they were just UK holidaymakers. However, further down it transpires that they are ex-pats living in one of the Gulf states. More than happy to take the tax free salary but squeal about their Britishness as soon as it is convenient. If someone wants to let me know that they have been paying tax whilst in the Gulf then happy to retract my view. Spongers!
  2. Fock 'em.
  3. No didn't pay tax but did pay medical insurance :D
  4. Shouldnt they have had private medical insurance which would cover air ambulance anyway?

    Should have read the small print of their tax free jobs
  5. A Nony slipped his post in before mine!
  6. I don't think the taxpayer should foot the bill, this is why travel insurance is so important.
  7. Even if you were a UK taxpayer your Air Ambulance wouldn't be paid for. Make sure you always take out insurance! Service colleague of my wifes was seriously injured on holiday and had to pay £35k for an Air Ambulance back to the UK as they didn't have insurance FO/MoD had no liability to help.

    British Passport holder oversees pay higher fees for passports partly to pay for consular services and disaster relief/evacuation if necessary.

    As for paying tax in the Gulf, it depends on company policy. Company my Dad works for (major US oil/chemical) takes the equivalent of UK tax from his salary and pays local tax on his behalf - in some countries he dips in as local tax is a lot higher - obviously in the Gulf he dips out.
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I would be surprised if they are not paying NI contributions but I presume that is just for the state pension.
  9. Yes, I read that they had medical insurance but had not read the small print (Terrorism clause presumably). However, the main grumble from them in the article (I accept that they could have been misquoted) was that they were British citizens and expected a better level of service from HMG when they came unstuck overseas. It seems to me that when you voluntarily choose to opt out of UK society, and the downsides such as paying tax and NI, that you might expect to opt out of some of the benefits. I am not having a go at expats per se but most of them are not in the news whinging about not being supported by the government.
  10. I see your point, but, couldn't you argue that the companies these individuals work for pay a whopping rate of corporate income tax?

    I don't know the figures and am not interested enough to look, but if you directly or indirectly increase the profits of a large, British based company then you are throwing money into the British coffers.

    This should make you eligible for some sort of medical care.

  11. Happens quite a bit, slightest sign of trouble and some expect to be top of the embassy's evacuation list. On the other side of the coin though, you have those who have only just set foot in Britain able to claim benefits, hospital care, etc. :roll:
  12. Have a look at my Avatar - it gives a LOCSTAT. I pay a small fortune in insurance - why? I am abroad that's why. It reminds of a Viz Top Tip a couple of years ago - paraphrased -

    " Ex Pats, live in socially and politically unstable countries, grab loads of dosh and when the world goes to sh1t moan like fcuk and scream for the British Embassy"

    To be fair my Org also pays for health insurance for me but not if I ain't on business -then its down to me.
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  14. Ta for that. Couldn't work out how to do the link to the article - must re-do my JPA course.
  15. Live in Oman.

    Med, life and critical illness insurance in place.

    However having lived and worked and paid taxes in the UK for 18 years without ever bludging a little support now and then wouldn't go amiss or is the little red book that worthless.