Ex-pats and others milking the UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oldgoat, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Why is it a problem? As long as they are eligible and presumably paid their stamp whilst in the UK, I don't have a problem. The article even states that European law allows it.

    This is simply shit-stirring by the Hate - no real surprise there.
  2. I used the words ex-pat to make people take notice. As did the Daily Mail.

    My worry is the following:

    Some of the money is ending up in the pockets of foreigners who fell ill while working in Britain before returning home.

    Sadly no info on the time frame req’d before claims are possible.

    Figures released by Pensions Minister James Plaskitt in a Parliamentary answer showed 12,010 Incapacity Benefit claimants were living abroad last year.


    As I understand it you can only claim inc benefit when you are unemployed and not retired ie receiving a pension or over 65.
    So who exactly is claiming?

    With the highest rate of IB being £87.50 a week, it means up to £1.05million every week was paid to claimants overseas - or £54.6million a year.

    Are we now saying that £54 million is peanuts when the military need every penny?
    Maybe the dead soldier who died because of missing equipment would agree?
  3. I fail to see your point - do you want people who are claiming incapacity benefit to stay in the UK? Why? If somebody is claiming incapacity benefit, then it normally means they are unable to work - so I don't see what difference it makes where they are. Unless you consider their disability wont be costing the NHS money.
  4. Why is it a fecking problem

    I have paid years and years of tax and Ni. I have never been a millstone round the neck of society

    I got properly broken last year and what did I get for my years service/tax?NI

    I'll tell you what I got, shoddy second rate health service delivered by demoralised consultants and third world nurses.

    I went down the job center to "sign on sick"(or what every its called) and got fecking fecked off at the high port by scum one step away from their clients (who sucked every last available benefit from the system and my tax pound)

    The cnuts in power want to now tax me on my view, my parking space and my proximity to the golf course

    Why wouldn't I want to live somewhere else


    You'd emigrate if your hadn't been painted into a finacial corner by these maggots

    rant over

    edit Haven't even read the article, fuelled only by red wine
  5. I lived, worked, and served in the UK for 20 years, paying my taxes and stamp, are you now saying that any pension that I am eligible for should not be paid ?
  6. Pffftt.
  7. I’ve been looking for this.
    I would have bet a case of Stella I’d put this in Current affairs etc. MODS could you move please. I was hoping it would provide details for me to slide under a rock somewhere in Spain and still be able to get my Incapacity benefit.

    Anyhoo, the pension question deserves its own topic, but

    If you intend taking your pension at 60 with the normal cash payout and monthly pension beware, as the following can happen (and has happened to me)

    If you go on the dole between 60 and 65 due to illness (both knees fcuked) and the doc makes it clear to the DWP its long term plus you are entitled to Guaranteed Pension Credit the following will happen:

    They will take your pension as earned income and deduct it from your benefit.
    So if your pension is more than the benefit you get NOTHING.

    Same as when you retire at 65. It will be absorbed into the old age pension.

    This is happening to me so its NOT hearsay or rumour etc.

    Get your army pension fully payed out at 60 and hide it from that bstard Brown.

    Back to thread.

    I’ve had a look on the DWP website with regard to payments of Inc Benefit to people abroad but I’m no lawyer so I cant translate it.

    As I understand it, anyone who has “Payed in enough NI” in the UK can claim Inc Ben from abroad even if its made from their home in say Spain or Poland.
    Only requirement is a signed stamped doctors certificate. No confirmation is made by the DWP as to the Doctors credentials.

    So we should all rally around and inform all the pensioners abroad how easy it is to claim Incapacity benefit.

    I’m off now to empty a bottle of wine. Cheers.
  8. OG
    Could you expand on the

    "Get your army pension fully payed out at 60 and hide it from that bstard Brown."

    Genuine quirery.
  9. Actually the real injustice is that expats in some countries get their pension indexed in other countries they don't. These are all people who paid the NI contribution. I think the case is now before the European Court the Lords having sided with the govt that such arrangements were not discriminatory!
  10. Soldiers don't die because of missing equipment. They die because their enemies killed them!
  11. You will be surprised how many expats continue paying NI even though they are abroad, many live abroad as well because they simply cannot afford to stay in the UK. (not all granted) but dont forget its the daily hate spouting this nonce nse.

    also you need to blame brown and his cronnies giving hand outs to voting chav scum
  12. I am an Ex-Pat, 87.00 will get you next to fook all over here...not paying in to the UK dont expect any out......saying that i can donate to military charities without gordon raping the fund........... :twisted:
  13. No disrespect to the people who are on incapacity benefit but you normally claim this benefit due to the fact that you have worked and you are unable to work because of a injury or disability .
    Generally the d.h.s.s. does make a exception if you are going away on holiday for a couple of weeks with your family etc so that you can have some benefit from the warmth and relaxation etc .

    If you are to ill to work then you are to ill to travel and live in another country .
  14. amazing_lobster wrote:
    The point is that the benefit system is supposed to allow you to be able to live in this country. Far too much of the Welfare budget is being wasted on false claimants and on claimants outside of this country (including child benefits being paid to families at home whilst the father is working here).

    We, the taxpayers, are not responsible for paying people to live outside this country.

    The exception to this is the state pension, if you have accumulated sufficient credit for a pension it should get paid regardless of where you are - until the one eyed joke stops it altogether that is.