Ex-para waged guerilla war and spied on neighbours

Maybe this should be moved to the naafi bar.

There we could give him some pointers on how to do the job properly. :twisted:

Clearly a fruit loop of the highest order. :D


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FiveAlpha, talk to us, tell us it ain't so.
Forastero said:
I quite liked this little quote though!

'He is an ex para who has been dehumanised and has no sensitivity to anybody else'.
Well of course, aren't the rest of us all just 'fcuking hats'?

Funny though - saw the subject line and my first thought was 'but cernunnos wasn't a para'

(for those who haven't been paying attention I believe you need to read the following classic ARRSE thread :D http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=61312/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=0.html)


Bloke simply wants to build a trainasium in his garden and everyone starts giving him a hard time.

His neighbours are all hats and obviously do not understand.

Sound like a pair of obnoxious NIMBY snobs who didn't like the fact his fence was made from old doors and old Scotts been winding them up ever since. :D

Far as I'm concerned they'll find sympathy in the dictionary....
Quality guy, would swap him for my present neighbours any day.

How wet are his neighbours anyway? The wife certainly sounds like she needs some cheese with her whining. Just sounds like she doesn't like squaddies.


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The OP aside, isnt this SOP for neigbours? Given the choice between being regarded as barking or as a mug punter, I know which I will choose.

I dont do Popping In, I have no wish to discuss the weather and wandering dogs in my garden tend to trigger an alarming series of high speed accidents. On you go Scotty. A boy should have a hobby.

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