Ex Para Opera News

This bit concerns me:

But the former paratrooper told Sheffield Magistrates' Court he was "trained to kill" - and used a "cobra strike" to protect himself, jabbing Hall in the eyeball.

Sounds a little 'Waltish'. Also in his photo he is wearing a Maroon Beret, which is quite often done, but he also appears to be wearing a DPM smock or shirt - not the normal garb of a 60 year old.

Obviously apologies to Mr Scott if my suspicions of him being a walt are unfounded.
Isn't that a Denison?
And he used the cobra strike to poke an eye,all us old timers do it,in fact I just poked the old lady next door with a cobra strike,knocked her clean off her zimmer,feck that'll teach her to call me a walt
para-dox said:
Gungy, you and Scott will be in the s*** with the PRA, you know we were all sworn to secrecy over the C***A strike!

Well it didn't work properly,the old biatch had thick specs on and I stubbed my fingers,I had to use the other secret method to kick her zimmer away 8)
Dubb_al_Ibn said:
"... a plastic pirate dagger which glowed in the dark."

Do RV Ops do these ? I want one.

I think they do one which glows in the dark
verticalgyro said:

Spot the difference?

They both had a hard paper round

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