Ex Para named as one of Baghdad 5


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ONE of the five Brits held hostage in Iraq is an ex-paratrooper who was working as a bodyguard.

Alex MacLachlan, 28, was seized in Baghdad with three other guards and a computer expert they were protecting.

The guards were working for the Canadian security firm GardaWorld when they were abducted from the finance ministry building by 40 heavily-armed insurgents dressed as Iraqi policemen.

Dad-of-one Alex’s anxious parents Helen and Colin are waiting for news at home in Llanelli, South Wales.

Helen said: “Someone from GardaWorld phoned us but we don’t know anything more other than what we see on the television and in the news. GardaWorld and the Foreign Office have both got family liaison officers to stay in touch with us but we just don’t know anything yet.

“We are so upset — we just want to know our son is safe.”

Alex has a three-year-old child. The para’s brother Ross, 30, is serving with the Army in Kuwait but has been told he can return home to comfort his parents.

Two militia chiefs, religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr and security official Hadi Farhan Abdullah al-Ameri, are suspected of the kidnap.

They are responsible for much of the bloodshed in Baghdad and even though they hate each other, some experts say they could have teamed up to snatch the Brits.
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