Ex Para carved up by UVF scum in British Legion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CDT_Dodger, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Dont know if this has been posted.

    UVF scrotes in East Belfast have a run in with an ex para at his local British Legion. The nearly killed this man with a slice to his neck.

    How can pond life like this be allowed inside a British Legion. The pr1cks somehow believe that by joining a gang called the UVF somehow makes them soldiers who serve their country well.


  2. IF this is the case then it is a shame, however there is a comment to say the man was disruptive, There is more to this story that reported.

    UVF scum see themselves as uber british rather that the pond life they are.
  3. The link between the UVF and knives is not really a new one. Back in the 70's the 'Shankhill Butchers' roamed the streets of Belfast and it has been written about by Martin Dillon.

    I read it a couple of years ago now and quite a horrific read it is too. Apologies for the cut and paste job (no pun intended!), but this is a brief description:

    Attrocities were from both sides and Northern Ireland will be a great place if it ever gets it's self sorted out. Whilst it is getting better, this attack shows attacks are still going on.
  4. I live amongst the natives in north Belfast and they do actually make me laugh.

    The local scumbags (UVF & UDA) honestly believe that they form part of an army of some sorts and that they are actual soldiers. They like to pull up the old sandbag and waffle on with loyalist war stories - I just listen and laugh to myself as they continue on and make an ass of themselves.

    They march up and down as though they are at the Edinburgh Tattoo but in reality they are like dads army.


    Hope you loyal ones are reading this.
  5. I would be very wary about believing anything a PUP spokesman says about this, they are the political wing of the UVF. The comment made by Ken Wilkinson reminds me of the way that PSF/PIRA spokesmen made all kinds of allegations about Robert McCartney after he was stabbed to death by PIRA outside a bar not too far from where this happened.

    It would appear that the UVF have learnt well from the McCartney murder, use knives not guns, blacken the victims name as early and loudly as possible and deny everything. The next steps will be; intimidate the witnesses, announce an internal inquiry, publicly state that you are doing everything to help the victim and his family while continuing to cover up evidence and intimidate all involved and then finally announce a number of people have been suspended (without suspending anyone) and then carry on normal jogging (well carry on being drug dealing vermin living off your own community like a parasite).

    It's not like the Government will impose any sanctions, after all it's just a stabbing. :roll:
  6. Well said and I'll add that the cctv coverage of both the bar area and the exterior view onto the street will have developed a 'technical' fault.
  7. Well spotted. I forgot about the CCTV, I would make a sh*te terrorist.
  8. This is a bloody disgrace. Soldiers who have both served/lived or both in Northern Ireland are starting to feel like they cannot even go to RBL clubs for a bit of a bevvy for fear of the likes of the UVF. Being from NI, it's hard to grow up without seeing or knowing people like this at some stage in your life, but that doesn't mean we wish to associate with them.

    I tried in vein to find an email address to try and communicate this to the RBL senior echelons, but either got webforms with a max word limit or stupid personal emails. The official site has no medium for lodging complaints or tickets.

    RBL NI, get your stall in order. No one wants these scum anywhere near the RBL. The ex-Para in question may have shot his mouth off, but the fact remains that scum like that should not be on the premises, reserved for serving and ex-servicemen and women. Makes a mockery of the place.
  9. I heard that the advantage the IRA had over the UVF was that any protestant with half a brain would join the RUC or the British forces and the UVF mainly recruited from the mentally retarded.
  10. I heard that anyone with half a brain, left NI and only went home for xmas dinner.
  11. what does that makes us poor souls who actually moved here? 8O
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Sadly the Legion branch's are being over-run by 'never served recomend a friend' types.That certainly is the case at my local branch where,on a Friday or Saturday night,the bar is full of the local UVF yobs,friends & family from up the local estate with hardly a Ex job is site. (last time I was in there,the was around 40 ish in after a funeral & myself & 2 others were the only ex/serving members present.Membership is never checked at the door..)
  13. They're probably allowed in for the same reasons why my local Conservative Club is full of chavs who couldn't even spell 'Telegraph' never mind read it... and why my (now defunct) local RBL branch was full of postmen (one of the reasons I never joined). Till takings.
  14. The RBL is not like the old days. It seems anybody can gain entry & become an 'associate' member. You could say it is a sign of financial times. That aside, if these RBL's don't keep some standards, then the ex/servicemen & women that it was created for will no longer feel a part of this great institution or indeed become members. I remember how proud I felt when I became a member.
  15. Maybe the parachute regiment should have a warm up in Belfast for the upcoming tour in Afghanistan, perhaps a little bloody sunday reenactment might teach the punks some respect.