ex-para Billy Boyle - boxer

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Boxingmad, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone on here from the Parachute Regiment (or any regiment for that matter) knows of Billy Boyle, as he's fighting Nathan Cleverley for the Commonwealth light-heavyweight title in London on Friday. I've not seen him box before and just thought someone on here might know him, as he's ex-para reg.

    It's being shown on Sky Sports on their Friday Night Fight show live if anyone's interested.
  2. He got battered.
  3. Spoken like a true armchair warrior! :wink:
  4. Armchair warrior? I'm a professional thai-boxer mate, how about you?
  5. This should be fun.
  6. Damn right :)
  7. May I direct your eyes to the bottom of your post where you say chosen Regt, The Rifles. Correct me if I am wrong but are you allowed to be a professional thai-boxer and recruit in HM Forces ?

  8. He's obviously shite as a pro Thai boxer hence him joining the Army. ;)
  9. Yes because I am not going in the Army until 23rd August.
  10. Well in that case..............................

    Get fcuked you civvie loser.
  11. That's nasty, you heartless git. Can you guess which former member of the SAS trained him ?
  12. I haven't been in the ring since the eighties and no doubt a youngster such as yourself would thrash me nowadays. No doubt you would have done in my peak, you being a pro and me a mere amateur. :(
  13. The UK's best thai-boxer earns approx £1000 per fight, so somebody like myself who's had 8 fights could not make a living from the sport.

  14. Blondebint no doubt. :roll:
  15. Not Bob Spour :D but I have fought a lad from one of his "fight schools".