Ex Para Attacked By Five Scum & In Coma.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I was on the website & read about an Ex-Para being attacked by thugs on Monday night.Maybe one for H4H when he recovers?...
    Speedy recovery to the Para.
  2. stamped on his head; stubbed cigarettes out on him.................

    and the cvunts are out on bail!!!

    Yes- this country is well and truely fvcked
  3. Any more details on how / why / where this happened and who was involved? So we can follow the case to see whether the five involved get the justice they deserve?
  4. This happened in Aldershot on Saturday night and the bloke concerned is a mate of a few of us on here. He is in a bad way still. The guy is ex 3 Para.
  5. They should put the thugs infront of a firing squad, they deserve to die for what they have done

    He's a brave para, i hope he pulls through, good luck x
  7. Yes,

    This happened in Aldershot on last Saturday night at about 2300.

    The victim is 49 year old ex member of 3 Para & Falklands veteran.

    He was on his way home, by himself, after a few drinks with friends in the Trafalgar, when he was assaulted by a group of people in the vicinity of McDonalds in the town center.

    Five people, two of whom are women, were consequently arrested by Aldershot Police & were allegedly, let out on bail later on.

    Details of these scumbags are NOT YET known. :x

    There is a dedicated page on "facebook" where you can get further details, such as updates on his condition & leave personal messages.


    You can also leave messages etc on the exairborneforces website,
  8. What did you expect? This is Britain remember, scum get away with everything!
  9. Surely, someone will 'leak' these cretins details [and IMHO appropriate action take]
  10. Merriman, you might know him. He joined us in the Traz! 8)
  11. Lucky for them he must have had an off day or it would have taken more than 5!
    Might be worth MDN looking at this, sounds like this chap might need a bit of Hols4H R&R

  12. TW@'s

    People need to go spend a year in Catterick, that'll dicipline them!
    hope the ex-para pulls through, GOOD LUCK MATE! thoughts are with ya!
  13. It beggars belief that this could have happend in the 'shot. Sign of the times. :evil:

  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Liebours 'Tough on Crime' at work! Hope the scum get some Barrack Room Justice!
  15. And the worse truth is: If the situation proved to better for the Ex Para ie: gave 'them' a good kicking these scum would be screaming blue murder for assault charges & attempting to sue,

    Thugs & Scum under Liebour=Tough on crime what a effing Joke :evil:

    Swift recovery to the ex-Para & hope these cretins get what they deserve!! (what ever that maybe :roll: whistle )