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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oxfordjourno, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking to speak to anyone who's currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, or recently come back/about to be deployed, who went to Oxford Uni. Please PM me if you can help out or know someone who'd be willing to talk.
  2. Oh for heavens sake, you're new here arnt you , I can tell ,take a tip from me son, Ask permission from the mods of this site before you attempt to incite serving personnel to contravene current standing orders, Oh , sorry , forgot Oxford ? planet Earth ? dear chap do keep up with current affairs.
    No doubt my fellow ARRSER's will now add addition words of advice........
    ( now heads towards the shelter.......)

    Kindest regards
  3. Oxfordjourno

    You may wish to try Oxford UOTC - a significant proportion of serving Oxon graduates will have spent time there, and they may be able to help (although media stories are, as I'm sure you appreciate, not their primary concern). I am sure you know, however, that individuals need clearance before speaking to the media. If, however, your angle is not necessarily negative for the Armed Forces, this should not stop you getting a story.

    Alternatively, you will need to go direct to the MoD.
  4. So! Amongst a group of four of Her Majesty's soldiers - that is what they were, Her Majesty's soldiers - murdered in Iraq, one attended Oxford University.

    Now, this site is being asked by some slime for: 'Ex Oxford Uni...' to.. I do not know what. I was so incensed by the 'slime' and by ascribing the university as '..Uni..'.

    Did the fatuous oaf Bliar go to Oxford 'Uni' ? - probably, he behaves as though he did.

    Tell me posters - what the f*ck is wrong with: university ? Too elite in Bliar's Britain ? Too difficult to spell inBlair's 'Education, education, education' land ?

    Oxonians - there are many of you hanging around this site, and we are all all grieving for young Dyer - tell this inquisitor to shove his, or her, question right up his or her ar*se!

    Yes, I was there and proud of it!
  5. Well, er, Jacko and the Badger bought it at the first Ypres front, unfortunately.......quite a shock, that. I remember Bumfluff's house- master wrote and told me that Sticky had been out for a duck, and the Gubber had snitched a parcel sausage-end and gone goose-over-stump frogside.

    Bumfluff copped a packet at Gallipoli with the Aussies -- so did Drippy and Strangely-Brown. I remember we heard on the first morning of the Somme when Titch and Mr Floppy got gassed back to Blighty.

    Best of luck anyway :D
  6. To clarify - we're a student newspaper looking for former students who'd want to write about their experiences for us. Nothing more. No stitch-ups, no tabloid tricks, no attempts to show anyone in a bad light. And certainly nothing to do with Lt Dyer.

    Dilfor - thanks for the pointers. I'll look in that direction.

    Wheelchairwarrier - we're aware of the rules on soldiers talking to the press and we'll make sure we follow them. Would prefer to avoid being called on by MOD lawyers if we can...
  7. I know an absolutely flying Maj Gen with a MA in History from Oxford. Maj Gen after about 24 years. That's going some.
  8. Take it there is not Alumni list?
  9. Oxford journo, to paraphrase Peter O Toole in Zulu Dawn, "Write what you see, Write only what you see and write it well!"

    I may be a bit out in the quote but that is what a fosters wound to the head does.
  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Students AND journalists?

    That makes you double scum - or possibly scum squared.
  11. Square Scum?