Ex OTC wanting to go TA after 2 year break...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 5_mile_sniper, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. Can anybody tell me what my otions are here...

    I was in the OTC for 4 years and have been away from all things green for 2 years now. I have recently decided that it's high time that I got my arse into gear and back into a nice green uniform.
    I am considering the local (Glasgow) Arty unit and would eventually be aiming for a TA commission.

    I take it that I would be expected to serve some time as a Gunner before being even considered for TCB. Coming from an Inf background this appeals to me as I would feel more than a little uncomfortable just wafting in and expecting to go on the next TCB.

    If anybody else has been in a similar situation to me your advice would be appreciated.

  2. SHIT

    Forgot I was still in the current affairs forum :oops:

    Can someone shift this thread to the TA forum or do I need to re-post?

    As you can see I am excellent Rupert material :wink:
  3. and deny any prevoiuse military skills or may find yourself staging on somewhere hot and sandy as one of our blokes ex otc is finding himself doing :D
  4. Speak to the PSAO at 207 Btty or if you are intent on going for your comission speak to the Adj (105 Regt - HQ is beside Edinburgh OTC at REdford Barracks).

    They should fill you in on all the stuff you need to know....
  5. Sniper,

    I was in much the same position as yourself at this time last year. I'd been in the OTC for 4/5 years and although I had done TCB I never made it to Sandwank due to a serious injury on the OTC prep course. I had applied for a transfer to another unit but that dragged on and on and on...

    I took a job that required me to move a good distance away (another country in fact) and therefore maintaining any kind of relationship with the TA was pointless so I was discharged.

    Nevertheless living so far away from friends/famiy proved too much for me and I returned to the nest Easter last year. Once I'd trained off 1 1/4 years of living in the pub/chip shop I decided to re-join the TA around this time last year.

    I basically contacted the recruiting officer in the unit I wanted to join (Inf funnily enough as it's the only one to join that's worth anything), indicated that I wanted to go for a commission (well told once the Adjt found out about my experience and having TCB) and got the paperwork filled out. Also had a wee chat with the CO the first night and got told that I was exactly what the Bn was looking for.

    By January I was back on the books and doing the local OTC Sandbags prep course. Was given a platoon to run (as an officer cadet) in Feburary and was officially appointed OC of it after being commissioned in the summer. Also had to cope with the fact that 90% of it's strength was out playing in the sandbox and we also had to run a major recruiting drive.

    If anyone had told me that within a year of re-joining I would be commanding the best platoon within the Bn as a subbie I would asked what drugs they were on.

    As for yourself you could do TCB quicker than you think. The TA is crying out for officers at the minute. If the Adjt/CO likes you, you're sorted.

    Also 105 Reg will be looking another subbie as I managed to steal one from them a few weeks ago to join our Bn...

    Couple of tips:

    1) Be enthusiastic. From the off you're being looking at by both the CO, the Adjt, your OC and the SNCOs. Impress them with your willingness to volunteer (even for the shit jobs).

    2) Be prepared to unlearn what you have learned. Ok a bit Yoda-ish but don't be saying 'well in the OTC we did it this way' in a TA unit. Be modest about your knowledge and accept that things may have changed since you were last in green. However if you do go down the road of a TA commission your OTC background will stand you in fairly good stead though be warned all officer training in the TA is changing in a major way.

    3) Be prepared to work hard. I found both my fitness and mil skills had faded considerably over 2 or so years. By my own standards I am nowhere near the peak of my abilities way back when.

    If you need anymore advice about this send me a PM and I'll be happy to help.
  6. Sniper aren't you applying to the Womens Auxilliary Balloon Corps? Just a rumour eh? With regard to the Arty a certain ex-flatmate of yours Mr Jash is summat to do with the same arty unit! Tally Bally old bean.

    pm or phone me for more info!


    Oh and that's what you call a Kubelwagen old bean 8)
  7. Greetings from the Sandpit.

    I did the same, left the OTC and rejoined after 4 years out. But I rejoined as a Infantry Private, intending to get up to speed and then get Commissioned. Loved being a Squaddie so much, and after seeing what the Officers do (not alot) never went for a Commision. Try it as a Squaddie first before geting Commisioned. Just because you are ex OTC doesn't mean you have to be an Officer (Just keep it quiet). And go Infantry.
  8. I disagree with that last point about officers 'doing nothing'. Yes, there is a certain percentage who regard their of being an officer means they swan about and except their minions to do all their work. I like to think they're in a minority and give the rest of us a bad name.

    I may be a sprog pl comd but I work hard for the lads making sure everything is sorted for them whether it is paperwork, complaints or training. Fortunately I have a good PSI who is on the ball and takes some of the pressure off me but it allows me to spend more time dealing with the immediate issues.

    Saying that I have the best pl in the Bn and we're the best regiment in the army so it makes it easier to work for the lads...
  9. It's ok, you're welcome to him-207 is crawling with Ocdts at the moment. :wink: :roll:

    Whether they'll be any good once commissioned though, is another matter I suppose.....
  10. He's a commissioned officer much like myself. Not some scrote ocdt...

    We just don't take anyone into our Bn. We can afford to be selective.

  11. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :lol:
  12. Be careful about laughing quiller...

    Your own subbies are plotting behind your back. Just mention 'transfer' in your mess and see who can't look you in the eye...

    FYI we've already turned down one subbie this year. Count yourself lucky we administer you otherwise he could have ended up with yourselves.

    And if we turned him away he must be bad...

  13. I don't remember any Gwah PC's in the Cap Badge of Heroes :wink:
  14. Funny the whole regiment is full of gwars.

    Well...it used to be. Now the 1st Bn full of South Africans, Kiwis, Fijians, Aussies, Scousers, Geordies and Gurkhas.

    We must have run out of Irishmen. Plus it seems you have to have attended RBAI to be an officer in the 1st Bn.
  15. Where did you get that impression from? Greatly mistaken old chap - really think you need to take your head out of your arse.

    From 'mulberry tree' i got the distinct impression that most of the cadets there were not impressed with their potential new regt. Wake up GW and smell the coffee - i think you're living in a dreamworld

    Oh and just because you 'administer' us doesn't mean the rangers can dictate what officers we take on. Know your stuff before you post such twaddle.