ex-Ordnance corp officer lives in Angolan shipping container

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by codbutt, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Luanda, is not one of the places on my list of 'places to visit again', mind you it is further up the list than Lobito.
  2. Fair play to the bloke. His ISO has more amenities than some blocks I've stayed in - and quite bijou it is too. It all sounds rather neo-colonial lifestyle-wise. Let's hope Angola makes a go of it and doesn't descend in to the usual morass that seems to blight the rest of the continent.
  3. flights to angola

    Angola, some information

    sounds like a great place to go.....
  4. Having spent several months there in 95 I can't recommend it as a holiday spot, of all the crappy places in the world I've been this rates in the top 3.

    Lobito and Luanda were both dumps although the accomdation at the BMLO's house wasn't bad, and the American Embassy did their best to host a few BBQ :)

    A lot of the HALO trust guys used to hang out at the pink palace (can't remember its proper name :? but it was pink hence the name)

    The force commanders name alludes me, but he reminded me of Ronnie Corbett.
  5. The force commander who went on an anti drink rant and then, that very evening, had to be carried onto the RFA Sir Galahad? that one?
  6. Its basically a promo article for angola.

    I live in a fecking shipping container too (While I'm at work) in fact I'm typing this from it right now

    He may be over egging it a bit

    Angola does sound "Reasonable" If there is good cheap fishing I might give it a poke

    Clarkson (The spark for this article) is entirely right about expats though! LOL
  7. yep, someone who was shorter than me for a change :lol:
  8. I knew the man when he was in the Army and I am glad that he has got himself together. I have to admit Angola wouldn't be the place to go for my hols but then check out where I am located :D
  9. Luanda is now one of the most expensive places in Africa to live. Rent on a (smallish) house in a gated compound will cost you $30,000 deposit and $10,000 pm - one of the benefits that the oil industry has brought to the middle classes (ie the raft of Generals who own most of everything). And Luanda may have a few reasonable restaurants but it isn't Riyadh. Further out of town (which is mostly a slum), the countryside isn't the paradise which the writer might have intimated, either. I'm a bit of a bird-watcher, but don't expect to see more than a damned few anywhere in Angola, because like all the wildlife, they've been eaten. Goats and donkeys have a very hard time, too, avoiding the landmines which are still everywhere.
    All that said, once the governance of the place is sorted out, which means aroundabout the year 2525, it'll be OK.
  10. the only problem I saw with his corrimec was that it only had one bed in it 8O this makes me think he's knobbing the qm equivilent type bloke..

    normally 2 sharings a bonus, 3 is more normal and 4 sharing implies sprog therefore deserved
  11. Before deploying out there we were informed that there were approx 22 million land mines in an area roughly the size of France, Personally I'd be much happier if the land mines were in an area exactly the size of France and I know of only one way to guarantee that...
  12. hah so we were on the same deployment - UNAVEM3 I hope you wern't one of those "Bakers" pronounced - WA NK ER S who manage to get a MBE or 2 for making bread :x

    now if those mines were somehow able to appear in France as you allude to ... all we have to worry about is a national knees to chest day..
  13. Dont' diss the bakers, they made some very nice pizzas for the night shifts. I didn't know they managed to get extra medals for using the all singing all dancing gas powered baking system though.

    The happy days of the RMP getting very **** over speed limits, 'stop, you were half a km over the speed limit.' Not to forget the fun of 'Gooks in the wire'
  14. :D Good on the fella, sounds like he sorted his life out nicely!

    I remember the first interview I had going back a few years after leaving the Army was with MAG, had a few ales that night with one of their Tech Advisors who had just been 'forced' to leave Angola after letting his mine clearance team know the project was running down, they mortared him out of his home that night and he was on the run for a few days! nice place 8O