Ex or soon to be ex Ammo Techs

Discussion in 'RLC' started by castlelgr, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. I am looking a for a few experienced Ammo Techs to work full time in Shoeburyness doing demil.
    Anyone know where I go about finding people who are out of the army or leaving soon.
  2. All depends on what package is on offer - AT/ATO's are in demand in civvy strasse at the moment (and not just for their good looks and sharp wit :) )
  3. Package up to 35k, plus your normal big company benifits, like flexi time and pension etc....
    Are you saying the Army is biased and judges its regiments according to appearance?
    This is not a role that involves going to some wierd and wonderfull places but working in UK getting rid of old and out of date munitions.
  4. Would love to, but i'm not giving up on that pension or gratuity.

    Ask me again in 5 years, 3 months and 12 days. (not that i'm counting)
  5. Up to £35k? :(
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Pleased you filled us in on what happens down at Shoeburyness and at Demil. Most of the ATO & Class 1 courses that have been to Foulness Island since the mid 90's must have been too hung over to realise.

    Thought about advertising on the AT Association website like all the other Shoeburyness jobs have been? :twisted:
  7. been there done that, the army needs to train more people, or stop making bullets
  8. pm me mate - I worked there as did others 8)

    Whilst you do it ask yourself a question - why are no AT's working there now?
  9. The problem is, when they say 'Up to' 35k, it means that it includes any sum under that - and most newbies will probably start nearer to 20k and work their way up!

    Also, where there are a number of ex-ATs, there CAN be a 'Did we like him when we were all in?' 'Does his face fit?' type attitude (SO13 for example).
  10. Agree with WO, when you can do EOC on the inside while continuing to be paid, promoted, extending pension etc why would you leave only to cut your service, cut your pension and cut your wage unless... the army had effed you over, hmm
  11. FR - I wish they'd had extended service when I finished my 22 - Id've been quite happy with all those perks!

    C'est la vie - it was not meant to be.
  12. nah most start in the 30k region now, lets face it you guys are hard to come by in civvie world

    I would however like to know peoples opinions actually as I have heard contrasting reports about management or ex management as they have moved people about now.
  13. pm replied to mate.
  14. £30k is still too low in this market place.

    You may find someone who likes Southend-On-Sea and has a private income.... but they're even harder to find!
  15. Rickshaw-Major: