Ex officer: troops are dying in Iraq for a doomed project

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/article2432462.ece

    Btw, Independet printed a word f***ing 'as is'. But it has been filtered on ARRSE site (and it is right of course).
  2. Does it say the title of the book or the date it is to be published?

    It would be interesting to know if a review of it has made the broadsheets yet?
  3. Captains are always angry - it goes with the rank. You have access to enough knowledge and information to see all the flaws in the system but you haven't - yet - had the full responsibility of being in command actually trying to address them (whilst keeping the system going). Only then do you realise that some flaws are inevitable in such a dynamic system and you need to focus on the important ones. Lance Corporals can suffer from the same problem.

    That piece of blatant stereotyping aside, Mr Docherty comes across as a pretty decent sort of bloke and I am sure he has interesting points to make. I look forward to his book being released.

  5. Docherty is probably not saying anything that isn't already felt by a lot of those serving in Iraq and Afghanistanshire. But I'm not sure of the wisdom of saying it publicly when many of his former colleagues are still there in the firing-line and trying to maintain morale.

    Unless, of course, Docherty regards himself as some kind of spokesman for those still serving, and wants to get embroiled in the political debate on their behalf.

    On the face of it, he seems to be a capable bloke, speaking 5 languages including Arabic and Pashtu.

    And there's a review in the Indy of 08 Apr '07 - see : http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/article2432462.ece

    Docherty, Leo : Desert of Death - A Soldier's Journey
    ISBN 10: 057123688X Price £9.89 incl p&p from Amazon.co.uk
  6. Dilfor wrote
    Fair comparison :D
  7. A 2ic is a 2ic - it's just a different level of command.
  8. Not so sure about 'doomed' but certainly mis-conceived, politically ill-thought out and ill-directed.

    I grieve for the Servicemen and Women who have died and for those who are wounded and ill as a result of this disgraceful adventure.

    No, I am not a Guardian reader; I read the Telegraph; I am now a member of the Conservative Party and I spent thirty five years as an officer in the Army.

    I am so ashamed of this government I could weep.
  9. Amen to that, in every respect.
  10. I always thought this was part of a soldiers lot, no one get to chose what wars they will fight. life in the forces is not always about sports and functions in the Officers Mess. Lets face it these conflicts just interrupt the round of social events.
  11. Begs the question. When is the right time to publish anything to do with current ops? Not disagreeing Caubeen, but as events this week seem to have changed the miltary to a "publish and be damned" should we really late until the last man is out of the embassy?
  12. What is it with everyone writing books at the moment and giving interviews for money yes they are Angry etc by the way they have been treated etc but most probably earning a lot of money from the sales of there books and interviews to lets hope these people are going to give some or all of their proceeds to charities to help soldiers and their families with the trauma they are going through
  13. 35 years as an officer and you're a tory? There's a shock. I can see you now, barbour jacket, tweed everywhere, trophy wife etc. Give it up lsquared, the Labour Party is far better, it's full of rich lawyers and probably right up your alley. Is your Torygraph pen-name "Outraged of Hampstead"? What with your blinding hatred of people who call Oxford a "uni", I think you need some valium. Our country's great. All hail the leader. (only taking the p*** by the way, don't send your masonic mates round please).
  14. your not alone with those thoughts :x And while 'W.Anchor' your right we dont get too pick or choose! I disspair at fruitless losses of both sandpit campaigns! I am lucky to be out and past my best before date so i am personaly at no risk now but that doesnt stop me being both angry and disgusted with the whole thing!
  15. I look forward to Ex Captain Leo Docherty donating every penny gained from this highly principled publication to the RBL or ABF or better still, the families of his friends

    Or alternatively listen to the same old, same old, “well a man has to make a living don’t you know”