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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Rothney, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    In a final attempt to reinvent myself and endeavour to contribute to this forum in a way that will not upset certain members, I thought this might be a useful contribution.

    Ex-officers / SNCOs - What do you do when you leave the forces? What careers are open to you?

    This strikes me as a positive civilian requirement for good jobs "Applications from ex-Officer or ex-SNCO Armed Forces candidates are strongly encouraged" on http://www.glasgow-jobs.org/jobs/financial-consultants-11359.htm

    That's actually very good, that industries are actively seeking ex-forces' personnel to stock in their workforce, obviously with the skills honed as an officer or NCO.
  2. Yes, just noticed the 'Officers' Assiation' for work for ex-officers.
  3. This may be hard to take.......................... But you are now a civillian..... It is a sad fact but no one really gives a shit. I learnt this quite quickly. You are in the pool like everyone else. Even though you have had experience (vocationally) of management (as a SNCO) you will be competing against university grads with 5/10 years working in management. Lets not kid ourselves.

    Officers on the whole are graduates and study management at sandhurt. Sandhurt amongst the management community is well thought of.

    In response to: Ex-officers / SNCOs - What do you do when you leave the forces? What careers are open to you? It is very much the same for many soldiers. You get out of it what you put into it.

    Furthermore, I attended an Officer/SNCO resettlement course as an OR. My reason being was because I had more civillian qualifications than many SNCOs. My TSM tried to stop this but I did remind him that he was talking out of his arse..................... And we were all civvies at the end of the day once we get out.

    This is only my experience but I'm sure people will give their opinion......

  4. Study it they may, but put it in to practice succesfully? Not much of the time, and theres always a SNCO/WO to point them in the right direction :wink:
  5. If you've very recently left the Army, or about to do so, be aware that there are a lot of organisations out there which will be very keen to hear from you as a an 'ex-officer/SNCO' for reasons other than for what you may think; they are more interested in the circle of acquaintances, friends and colleagues which you have picked up and who, because of that link, are likely to regard you as a trustworthy face when you come calling with a proposition. The sort of organisation which does this is usually selling a financial product of some sort.

    The chances of this sort of company recruiting you for your leadership or managerial qualities are, frankly, very low...
  6. Whiskeybreath,

    I don't understand, do you mean nefariously or positively, i.e. cynicla organisation or ones genuinely looking for your experience as an Off/SNCO?
  7. Do Officers actually study management? Serious question. I don't think that they do.
  8. They're looking for a more attractive bottom line in their annual report. If they recruit you it will not be as a manager; it will be as a salesman of insurance policies, despite your new title of Divisional Director(Finance). Don't the resettlement people tell you any of this stuff these days?
  9. So are you suggestion that officers who come out of the Army end up being salemen?
  10. No. A lot of people with very little grey matter try to, though.

    Edit: I've just looked at your record on this site, Rothney. I suggest, seriously, that you apply yourself to more immediate problems than those you'll meet after leaving the forces. One of those problems is ... No, I'll go no further. This isn't the NAAFi.
  11. Whether ther do or not, the fact of the matter is that to a civillian it looks better and will get you a foot in the door............
  12. I really dont see that whether you were a SNCO or Officer is relevant in this crazy world that is civvy street. End of the day you can get to SNCO with no management skills whatsoever.

    Difference in civvy street is that to be a manager then you need management skills.
  13. 18 months out now and here is my experience....

    The hurdle is getting your first job, and if it is in a big progressive company you will accelerate at a high speed.

    Some say they (civ's) dont give a s....t about what you were - true, but a lot of their belief is misconceptions from TV, what grandad told them etc.

    For me, I never mention I was a WO, but I am sorry to say that within months I stood out from the crowd and was a Manager in 6 months. As for graduates tec, yes, they may have the paper but they have little or no real management experience and your can lose them in minutes, but sometimes they can teach you some things as well, so listen to them!

    Summary, dont blow on and on about what your were etc but find the right job and tune into it, then show off what you can do.... but also remember the Army's culture is another 'companies style' so just adjust and use the tools given to you.
  14. Sorry mate - complete bollox... I have seen many in civ st promoted purely because they sat a a desk for many years and was good at paper shuffling. Agree, have seen some shite SNCO's who got where they were thru licking some bums, but unlike civ st you are generally continually assessed on your potential leadership whilst in.

    The fact that I know an ex SNCO RMP who now teaches leadership to new managers in a million buck company proves your wrong.