Ex. Northern Lights 2005

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Capt Cheeky, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. Aberdeen

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  2. Edinburgh

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  3. Glasgow

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  4. Queens

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  5. Tayforth

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  6. It's never "rigged" so who knows til the day!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Now that the hallowed Culty Sheds have closed for the last time and the Northern Lights proceedings move to Edinburgh there must be some discussion about who's going to rig ahem win it this year!

    Fook where is the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Culty Rave Cave complete with trouserless Queens folk, sweaty tin walls and pipe smoking yah wannabees going to get mingin' this year....

    The mind boggles.

    (Point to note whoever's running it this year... get the 11 O'Clock opening Beer Tent back... heinous crime not having one last year.. tsk tsk)
  2. Glasgow stathclyde are organizing it in Redford this year.
  3. Hmm, yes, the Beer Tent issue. All I can say is; It's not our fault, the CO at the time forbade it.

    It's true, GSUOTC are organising it, and it's in Cavalry Barracks, Edinburgh.
  4. Well there should be a beer tent then if the weegies have anything to do with it... hurrah!

    How's the training & preparation going then chaps ?
  5. edited as someone has just posted a link to this from our otc site!
  6. Yes, and it will be stocked with nothing but tennants! :roll:
  7. Some strong lagers of the continental persuasion would be nice!
  8. Who will win? Queens
    Who will get the most pissed? Queens
    Who will get the most naked? Queens
    Who will shag the most birds? Queens
  9. Good to see Queen's keeping up traditions!!!
    It wont be the same without a tower for people to climb up and lag on random passers buy.....ah the good old days!!
  10. U guys train for Northern Lites :oops: , interesting concept, must mention to thye rest of the guys at Queens
  11. training is for the weak
  12. Bugger this I'm going to run a book on the outcome!

    For current odds etc PM me!
  13. I wouldn't even take money on whether Queens will establish a naked bar at some stage on the saturday night.

    We all know its gonna happen!
  14. I'm very very aware about the Queens antics after joining in the action in the Cave of Rave last year! May I say your lassies sans trousers (albeit with union jack pants) was a sight to behold!

    I was more thinking a book on the overall outcome of the competition not the boozing shed antics... we all know who the ringleaders of that separate competition is! Mind you there weren't too many Edinburgh / Tayforth wallahs in last year, or the year before when Aberdeen won it. They must like the vacuum that is the other shed!

    Scoff scoff.
  15. im on the mill skills team therefore i shall bringing down the side in my own useless little way