Ex Northern Lights 07

Discussion in 'OTC' started by Irish_Cream, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Brief for uninformed: Inter-OTC competition for scottish and N.Irish OTCs - pipes&drums, football, mill skills, rugby, hockey, tug o war and dancing etc.

    So rather controversially its taking place in England for the first time ever!

    Who's going to win???
  2. Does the organiser not always win?

    Look forward to seeing you all on the rugby pitch and the bar thereafter! :wink:
  3. It does seem to run that way sometimes doesn't it!
    Should be intersesting this year tho since nobody will have, or should have, had the advantage of being able to practice the march and shoot route for the weeks leading up to the competition. We all know that the march and shoot and mil skills sections are worth mega points and do make a significant difference to the overall standing in the competion.

    All that aside tho i'm just looking forward to getting together with people that, for the most part, i havent seen in over a year, oh yeah and wooping their asses at the same time :winkrazz:

    Look forward to seeing you all soon!
  4. Interesting!! Apparently there is a new OTC taking part this year according to the poll...Dundee ;)
  5. oops

    my bad
  6. That's a new event :cyclopsani:
  7. Its a mild form of whooping...similar to a mild patting action :p