Ex Northern Lights 06

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by escape_artists_never_die, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Ex Northern Lights isn't far off, probably about time we put it to the vote. Who is going to win this year, will Glasgow hold on to the top spot? Tayforth? Queens?...

    NB: Names listed Alphabetically on the poll.
  2. Is this 25/26th march so you wnot be at the OTC sports?
  3. I'd put money on Tayforth (hosting the event, hmmm, I wonder)! :twisted: :twisted:
  4. I miss the Cultybraggen days. Last year just wasn't the same....... :(
  5. It's going to be at Redford again this year.
  6. Aye, easy peasy. No travelling involved then :D
  7. Thats just showing off. :evil:

  8. quite like redford, better sports areas, doesn't have the same feel i guess. but anyway bout the topic of the poll Aberdeen is going to win this year. team are shaping up very well, its about time we kicked major ass!!!
  9. Hope their map-reading has improved - that's a complicated journey - and watch out for the big scary road if the back gate isn't open :lol:
  10. Yeah the sports areas are much better - at least there's the astro to play hockey on. At Culty it was useless on the bumpy pitch, but I guess that was half the fun.

    I'm sure we'll be absolutely fine. It's when things are at Dreghorn Barracks it becomes more complicated. They are ever so far away.... :D
  11. Culty did have an amazing atmosphere :D There is the old theory that the host always seems to win over the last few years....for example "IIRC" Glasgow won last year :wink:

    I am really looking forward to the football...hopefully no red cards this year. Does anyone remember that incident?
  12. yes

    those ref's were paid, some of their decisions were unbelievable bellix

    they also need to decide amongst them how far the keeper can come out with the ball in his hands as they each had a different idea of how far this was.
  13. eh? whats this northern lights lark all about then? can someone explain this to a southern gypsy like me. is it a scottish cambrian patrol INF type thing?
  14. northern lights is an inter otc competition for the celtic otc's.theres a mill skills section to it but the majority of events within the ex are sports matches between the different units.it takes place over a weekend and the units take turns in running it each year.this being tayforth's turn.

  15. ah right, its all clear to me now..... you crazy celtic kids!