EX Northern Bluebell scoring system

Discussion in 'REME' started by My_race_is_Royal, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Did anyone do Northern Bluebell at Warcop last weekend? and if so what was your view on the scoring system? 8O
    I dont have a copy of the final results and would apreaciate a copy. But from the presentation of prizes and the results board shown after the presentation, I personaly feel that the regular teams strolled away with the majority of the silverware. Now I accept that its suppose to be one army but I'd be very surprised if any of the TA teams had any real training time due to MTD restrictions, or for that mater for composite teams made up from different locations within a unit having an opertunity to train together.
    As such I believe that the regulars should only be compeating against each other for a Best regular team trophy, the rest of the stands should be compeated for by the TA teams!
  2. alb

    alb Clanker

    I have been DS on Exercise Northern Bluebells a few times and from my experience the scoring system is always related to the comical value of each team. I once saw a TA team on the march and shoot get a lift in a L/R get out, have a fag break and then mossy on down to our stand. When we asked why they were in the L/R they said it was a bet to see if they could get an 8 man section in the back of a BOWMANised rover going up a 1 in 4 gradient. The answer got them top marks and a well deserved rest.

    Regular units do take it more seriously as their OC is usually watching from the undergrowth and their CRs are riding on it. To have two competitions would be wrong. Esprit de corps and all that. As for the results, check the waste paper bin next to your fax machine as it will be in there in the guise of a fag packet.

  3. The scoring system was the same for every team and was much simpler & straightforward than in the past. Those involved in collating the results did so with no bias, favour or deviation from the direction given by the Commander.

    Final results were on the board which you could have looked at directly after the prize presentation ceremony.

    It is obvious the regular units have more opportunity to train for this sort of competition, however, in the Sgts mess & local pub on Saturday night, I was told by several TA Team Leaders that they were training for between 6 - 8 weeks specifically for the competition. All these teams were placed towards the top.

    You may have a point about a best regular team trophy, but the counter argument would be that it could lessen the quality of the competition whilst making sure more TA teams won a trophy.
  4. Id love to have been given the MTD's to do ANY training as a team, but I think like most of the TA teams we were put together last minute dot com one member of our team I met for the first time on the Friday night.
    I did get a look at the results board but that only gave the team letter not the team name so difficult to know how won what?
    As a team we did well but I felt sorry for our team leader a JNCO (to give him the experiance) who after the event felt what was the point as we won nothing despite being in the top 5, how were we supposed to compete against Reg's who work togather all the time
  5. I agree mate I think everyone should be awarded with shiny trophies, balloons and icecream know matter how they did. That way we can all feel speshul.

    If your team has been thrown together last minute, surely that is the fault of your units admin and not the competition.
  6. Dont know about scoring system, but did giggle to hear TA training for weeks!
    I was part of the winning team, and we put our team together on the Wednesday! Also, we didn't wear cam cream nor body armour and no one picked us up for it until it was too late, oh well!
    I was enjoying the competition until the medical stand where we were told one of the casualties had Hypothermia, not shock(it was 30 degrees+!!!! ).
    Anyhoo trying to get out of it next year but cant, got to return all the trophies