Ex-Neue Arbeit minister fined for being drunk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Oh dear! Bliar certainly knows how to pick 'em, doesn't he.

    Maybe Twigg's drunkenness helps to explain Neue Arbeit's utterly sh!te foreign policy.

    Stand by for the Bliar soundbite about it not affecting his job, his integrity being intact etc., etc.

  2. He was kicked out by a Tory in a satisfying reversal of his own surprise toppling of Portaloo in 1997.

    Portaloo seems to have come off better out of it than Mr Twigg.
  3. "He is now director of a think tank." Typical New Labour - none of them have had a proper job. They come from Uni into politics as a researcher or 'activist' then go from Qango to committee to think tank. You think they have gone away (Hain, Straw) then you wake up one day and the b********s are running us!
  4. Twigg was a singularly uninspiring and insipid president of the NUS after being a singularly unispiring and inspid Vice President of the Oxford University Student Union (he may have been President, but I'm fairly certain that he lost that election and picked up one of the Vice-Presidential slots as a result). He was a councillor in Islington before becoming an MP aged 31. Even if he had a proper job while being a councillor, he couldn't have had more than five years' doing this - he was in student politics until he was 26....

    He has at least said 'I was a twit and the police were quite correct' rather than coming out with the sort of blustering excuse we'd normally expect (which shouldn't be interpreted as a sign of sympathy for the ****)
  5. Reminds me of the new Little Britain MP character who comes out with fantastic excuses for reasons why he has been found in compromising positions.
  6. Odious little queer. It is a good job the Old bill got to him before he found a box of matches and some curtains...

    Looks like we can put Baron Twigg of Bottomfun on the back burner then?
  7. I suppose Bliar will just be glad he isn't causing embarrasment by shagging someone else's wife. However, the Pansy Mandelson shows that a preference for men's bottoms is no bar to comebacks and crony appointments.