Ex-navy wanting to join Army.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BigMarv86, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys. Just wondering if I would be able to get any help or advice on the situation I find myself in. I served in the Royal Navy for seven years and was medically discharged last July due to depression. I've been off medication since last January and recently been giving the all clear by both my GP and Combat Stress. Also both see no reason as to why I can't sign back up to one of the forces as I have been discussing this with them since I started seeing them. For a long long time I have been interested in joining up as a RLC Boat Crewman and yesterday I re-applied to join the Army.

    I was just wondering if anyone on here would be able to offer any advice and if I have any chance of actually getting in due to my med discharge from the RN.
  2. I think you have to be at least 3 years free of treatment/depression for your application to be considered.
    Might be wrong on the time scale though.
  3. Deleted, as my sarcasm was misplaced!
  4. Cheers dits.

    I've actually been into Glasgow AFCO and they weren't much help. Basically got the reply of apply and see what happens.
  5. Fair enough ten - too many people don't even manage that first, logical step. Previous sarcastic post cheerfully withdrawn!
  6. Timble. It's sound mate.

    Cheers CC_TA. I'll have a good look and hopefully get the answers I'm looking for.
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  7. You got depressed in the Navy and want to join RLC?
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  8. You will have to learn real drill
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  9. On second thoughts its the RLC so you could get away with what you already know
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  10. Christ, if you were depressed as a matelot, you'll be positively suicidal as a Percy!

    Did you never interact with Army personnel or bases when you were in the Mob? They get cold and wet an dirty and stuff. And I only ever was allowed one norker at breaky on their camps - shabby!
  11. Having spent two tours with the army in a 27 years naval career, be very careful. The mob is a good life compared to what most soldiers have to put up with. If I treated JR's in the same way i have seen army Seniors treat their boys, my boss would have me on the carpet. There semed to be an awful lot of resentment within army ranks, mainly I believe in the way they were treated. And remember there is no divisional system in the army, so beware.
  12. Perhaps if the Navy had the tiniest bit of discipline or leadership and didn't live in total fear of a bit of robustness, it wouldn't be the completely unproffessional shower of civvy shite it is today.
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  13. If you are successful in your application, I'm sure you willl serve in 17 Port and Maritime Regiment, in Southampton. Or 17 PMT, as we call them.
  14. Or 17 Sport & Pastime Regt as everyone I knew called them