Ex Navy Dr. thinks ATOS sucks!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, May 16, 2013.

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  1. Headline, disgruntled employee whinges about the organisation he works for.......
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  2. My gut feeling is I'm not surprised but there must be some arrsers who have gone through the process. What do they think of it?
  3. A work colleague is leaving to work for them, she had to do an online assessment with different scenarios such as a single Mum looking after a special needs child who couldn't be left alone. No problem with passing her for DLA. She almost got 100% in her assessment but she found an alcoholic not needing DLA. I'm not saying the full circumstances but yes scroungers are still getting through.
  4. At a guess, those who have been through the process and have had their benefits maintained will be perfectly happy. Those who had their initial application rejected but won on appeal would be disgruntled, and those who have had their benefits stopped and had their appeals rejected will be distinctly perturbed...
  5. I think Dr.Greg Wood is telling the truth.

    This Mickey mouse setup has already been criticised in the past by disability campaigners, MPs including the church.

    Of course ATOS are going to defend themselves, wouldn't you if government were throwing £ millions of taxpayers money at you ?

    I think we should hold a public inquiry into this sham.
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  6. One Dr says it's bad out of how many Doctors?
  7. I think you should throw yourself into a woodchipper, but unfortunatly we dont always get what we wish for....
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  8. He was so concerned he worked for them more than two years.
    The less we see of those free Kia DLA cars the better.
    Let's call it 'The Lazarus effect'.
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  9. If it is ever found that ATOS are running a Kangaroo court involving £ multi millions of taxpayers money, this would effectively make this French firm far worse than our old friends ... The Benefit scroungers!
  10. My wife is disabled and been through this process.

    Previously she had the rigmarole of seeing whatever locum happened to be free in the GP surgery to back up her medical claim for whatever benefit she was applying for. The locums didn't know her, couldn't give a shit and basically just said "What do you want me to write?". They just wanted her out of the surgery with a box ticked and onto the next patient. The result was my wife got the benefits she applied for.

    Then came ATOS

    She was called in for an assessment which took an hour and a half. The Dr who assessed her immediately saw she wasn't a fraud (her disabilities are kinda obvious) and spent the time figuring out the full extent of her problems and what her limitations were. The end result was she got a shed-load more benefits, carers and equipment to help her.

    Local GPs don't care if the patient is on the fiddle and, more importantly, they don't understand the benefits system.

    The ATOS Dr, by dint of this being his job, knew what benefits were available and also all the extra services/charities in the area that could help.
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  11. Oh come on, get with the programme.....
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  12. The BMA ? The RCN ?
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  13. Second headline. Left leaning unions get upset that private organisation can do better job for less...
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