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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by DanOxon, May 2, 2011.

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  1. Well, after I left school I went to Dartmouth and spent five years in the RN, leaving as a Lieutenant (so the same as a Captain in the Army). I then left to go to University, and now I'm considering rejoining, but I think I'd rather join the Army. My question is, does anyone have any idea what effect my naval experience would have on the training that I'd be required to do, or on the rank at which I would join?
  2. You'd have to do RMAS. You should have pay seniority and POSSIBLY promotion seniority. I imagine this would be on an individual basis. TA get pay seniority but not promotion.
  3. How old are you? Do you know they're lowering the maximum age at entry? Better get a shuffle on...
  4. I would imagine you'd have to do RMAS and may then be given seniority - spending less time at Lt before going to Captain.

    I say this, as your Navy experience was limited and not immediately before joining the Army.


    You never know - they may give you a boost up to Captain depending on cap badge and pinch points, citing you don't "need" to do the lower Troop Commander type roles in the Army, as you have naval experience of them and that's good enough.

    It's a tricky one though and AOSB/RMAS/The System, can often be fickle...
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It probably depends on what your trade was, if you were an LO for instance, there might be some skill transfer if you were to join the RLC. If you were a Warfare Officer however, I'd wager that your chances of favourable treatment are relatively slim, there isn't much call in the Army for blokes who can drive ships.
  6. So now you want to be a man, instead of just feel a man?
  7. If you were just a student I would give you a sensible answer but given you have managed to hold the Queens Commission for 5 years and can't work out how to obtain this info from a genuine source please don't join! The last thing we need in the officer corps is more people that can't solve the most basic of problems!
  8. Do you mean people who CAN'T solve the most basic of problems?

    He can ask on here if anyone knows before committing himself to an ACIO.

    To the OP - have you thought about what you want to do? It may be worth contacting the recruiting team of the Regiment/Corps/Cap Badge you're interested in direct, as they may pull you through the system into a particular job, with special measures taken.

    I have heard of 2 inter-service transfers in the RA - an RAF Officer, who skipped Sandbags and went in to YOs and jumped ahead a bit quicker than her Army peers (but not much) and a Navy Officer I was at RD with - but I can't remember if he missed RMAS, or did it and then YOs to join us as a Capt.

    The issues I forsee are this:

    - your break in service. Will they see that as a means to trump any potential seniority?
    - the need to do RMAS - I would think this would be a yes, given today's particular set of challenges for an Army Young Officer, likely to hit Afghanistan in short order from RMAS.
    - the need to do a YOs course - this will give the special to arms context.
    - particular cap badge peculiarities - for example (an I am RA) the RA may well say they'll take you post RMAS and RA YOs and make you a captain, by dint of seniority and put you into the FST role immediately. This would be do-able, but as I said, speak to RA recruiting.
  9. So you understood - then why nit pick (you claim to be RA, intentions of the originator)?

    Committing to what you pedantic chopper? There are no press gangs waiting to jump out of a closet.

    You heard oh ...value added = oh nothing, again.

  10. jtom88 - So you joined 10 minutes ago and are quite touchy, but I'll bite and clarify:

    - the first example (RAF officer) was on RA YOs while I was at Larkhill as a Troop commander. It caused some raised eyebrows as she had skipped Sandhurst on the basis of having completed Cranwell (not a wise choice if you ask me) - BUT she did go to an Air Defence Regiment and had done similar in RAF, so I guess they thought she was current enough on the leadership side and was doing a similar role in a different service. I know this wouldn't happen now (this was 6 years ago), as the RMAS course is different and you would need to do it, regardless of background (possible exceptions being a Royal Marine Officer transfer.

    - The point I tried to make was that the second example (Navy officer), in the same regiment as me DID have to do RMAS - maybe I didn't enunciate fully for a similarly pedantic chopper.

    As for committing himself (or herself), maybe he prefered to ask anonomously on here before going to an ACIO - forearmed is forewarned and all that.

    Other than that, thanks for helping me to buck up my ideas. I'll let the other inmates know how naughty I've been and that people are very angry in the real world, so they should stay in here as long as possible...

  11. Good boy, well done.
  12. Thank you - I live for praise. Any, I'm really not fussy. For the OP, I aimed to assist in his unusual problem. For you, I hope I have reduced your rage levels for today before your commute home or return to your own cell...

    And you have helped me to realise that I should construct my posts better in my head before splurging them into this tiny box with spelling mistakes and ambiguous statements.