ex-mod landrovers

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by crabby, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. Looking at a defender... ex-mod have a number of advantages (normally very sound doors, chassis and bulkhead compared to poorly looked after civvy versions), heavy duty suspension and although they might have had a hard life they've also been fully serviced.

    So... the problem... are they walty? I wouldn't look at a dpm paint job, but nato green is reasonably close to a civvy colour...

    One I'm looking at has also had a 300tdi conversion, so best of all worlds really.
  2. and you then bought a Bedford FFS! Masochist!

    The LR will be fine in NATO green.
  3. Bedfords are fine as long as you only ever have to drive downhill and no more than 5 miles :)
  4. Nuts to being waltish, they're fantastically fun pieces of kit, noisy as you like and robust as anything (although I can't get used to the ignition being on the left hand side of the wheel) - keep its bright yellow paintwork if you're getting an ex-airfield one and smile every time you drive it :D
  5. ex-mod have salisbury rear axle with uprated (24 spline) diffs, don't they? I know gearbox can be a pain....
  6. You forgot the footwells (including the base of the A posts), the rear crossmember and the bulkhead outriggers.

    Mine went in this order:

    1955 LR purchased in 1992.

    Half shaft 1992
    Complete rewire 1992
    Bulkhead footwells major repair 1993
    Total repaint 1993
    Gearbox - (second hand unit fitted)1993
    propshafts 1993
    New canvas 1993
    rear cross member 1994
    Reglaze windscreen 1994
    Recon radiator 1995
    Replace all road springs and shockers 1995
    engine rebuild 1996
    King pin repairs 1997
    Clutch 1999
    Front axle swivels 2002
    Steering column 2003
    Gearbox - (second hand unit fitted) 2004
    Rear differential full rebuild 2007
    Half shaft 2007
    repair to fuel tank 2007
    Front of Rear spring hanger - 2007
    New seats 2008
    Gearbox recon unit bought in. 2008
    Recon radiator 2008
    New front road springs 2008
    New canvas needed - Now!
    Bulkhead footwells need major repair or a new bulkhead - Now!
    Repair botched gearbox recon. - Now!
    Complete repaint - due soon!
    New fuel tank - Due soon

    Sure I swapped the front diff' at some point and the front UJs definitely got done.
    Of course it's needed tyres, brakes and regular chassis plating over the years too!

    Love it to bits though!
  7. One of the original questions - are they walty? - has not been properly addressed. I would love to know, as a neighbour has a DPM paintjob landy which had some dubious markings on it (some Black Watch guff). Does he automatically qualify as a walt, or would I have to demonstrate a lack of valid reason?
  8. Leaving as DPM if a proper working vehicle may be allowed? It's the extra markings that must make it walty?

    I saw a lovely winterised 110, but there were unit badges, the rifle rack, FFR equipment etc. All put in by the owner. First thing I'd have done was strip all that out!

    Oh and the private number plate was H20 FFR, that clinched it really...
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  10. Depends if it's done as a "classic military vehicle" or if he tools round the woods with airsoft gats.

    EG: Linky
  11. It wasn't long ago we were still using the forward control ambulance variant, mind you we still had some 3/4 ton ambulances knocking around recently too.
  12. Nothing wrong with LR's as long as you understand it is a vehicle that is designed to test your sense of humour.

    I lost mine and bought a Land Cruiser. It is now 10 years old and apart from regular oil changes for engine and transmission, regular application of grease gun, filters, brake pads etc the only thing required has been replacing a dead altenator plus those things which you expect to have a finite life anyway like tyres and batteries.

    As the Aussies say, if you want to go into the outback take a Land Rover. If you want to come back again, take a Toyota.

    Landies may be part of the heritage but then so are traction engines.