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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, May 29, 2013.

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  1. I'm currently writing a dissertation on why so many ex-RMP, not the current generation (who perform admirably) but rather those who served in the 70's and 80's, who struggle to find meaningful (or indeed any) employment once they are discharged. It's been suggested that this may be down to a lack of empathy, an inability to communicate and discuss issues rationally, and a general lack of take-up of educational improvement opportunities available in AECs or elsewhere.

    This of course, is mostly conjecture, and I would be grateful for the views of anybody who has experience of dealing with this particular cohort.
  2. How can you write a dissertation based on conjecture?
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  3. That's quite stinging , funny but stinging.
    **** em they're only Monkeys.
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  4. It's about the RMP, this is no time for facts man!
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  5. Could you not simply make something up?
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  6. I thought most of them joined the Met, from one organization with a reputation for fitting people up to another (allegedly).
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  7. The RMP have been writing statements like that for years, why not a dissertation?
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  8. they could always be employed !! i was told if you gave a monkey a typewriter it would write all of shakespears plays eventually !!give all of the ex rmp typewriters and who knows what could happen !!
  9. *checks forum* [No wah] was alcohol abuse prevalent within RMP at the time? If so, might it have caused long-term brain damage amongst members?
  10. As per Bob Newheart: "Hey Harry, looks like we've got something here! (Reading): "To..... be...... or....... not....... to........ be........ that ......... is........... the..... ........................Gesonnenplatz!"
  11. In approaching your dissertation have you employed empathy ? Students living a temporary status existence with a delusion that, in the future, the real world is awaiting them with open arms ? Students convinced they are acquiring skills and knowledge of some use in the outside world ? Perhaps you are on your own way to the experience, for dissertation purposes, you ascribe only to ex monkeys.
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  12. I would say that a large number of soldiers from every cap badge failed to find meaningful employment after the Army, and many still don't.
    Why the RMP angle, what sort of evidence are you looking to collect? If you narrow your arcs we might be able to help.

    I'd say post in the AGC forum, but that normally just degenerates into petty squabbles with either non-RMP or infighting.
  13. I would suggest that the personal attributes you have described would apply across the Army as a whole regardless of cap badge. I have come across plenty of non-monkeys who fit that description. Equally, I know plenty of ex-RMP who have successfully made the transition to civilian life - myself included. Also bearing in mind the relative size of the RMP compared to the overall size of the Army I would suggest that any numbers you come up with could be statistically insignificant.



    PS. I started my service in the 80s - do I need to be worried?
  14. Nice - some helpful, witty & original replies above....

    Have you thought about approaching your local RMP Association to talk to some of their members? I'm sure they'd be more than willing to assist. Send me a message if you want contact details of your local branch.
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