Ex milary and PSTD

Just posing a question here if this is the right place? Can PSTD be diagnosed even after decades of leaving the Armed Forces. I did a tour of Ulster in 1972 and was living at an old TA Centre in Newry along with around 100 other soldiers. Sleep was impossible, as everyone was double bunked and people were going on and off duty and foot patrol day and night.

Like many in the Military I used booze many for many years to try and sleep during and after my time in the Army. I left in 1977. I am currently clean and sober for nearly 29 years through a '12 Step' self help group. I ask this question as I don't sleep well and only doze off, and do not have what I called several hours of good REM sleep.

Would an ordinary GP know anything about PSTD from those who have served? I live in Essex around 20 miles from Colchester Garrison, so would I ahve o see an Army Doc? I ahve been prescribed sleeping tablets several times in the past, however they do not work, even doubling up the dosage?

I have lived with this for a long time now like I live with Tinnitus.

Speak to these mate, you will get reliable info


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Re sleeping well etc, do you snore much?
Christ this must be a wind-up

You got PTSD because of your living conditions on a NI tour

What has PTSD got to do with insomnia

I went into an Army recruiting office and signed on, however the remaining 22 years where a nightmare, do I have PTSD

To answer your question, yes it can. I know someone who was diagnosed for incidences stemming back to the Falklands (was on 2 ships that went down!!)

However, 'unable to sleep well' may not meet the threshold of 'traumatic'.

btw it is also PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), not PSTD.

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