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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Good old boy, thank fcuk they didn't batter him though.
  3. Fair play to that man! Sparkling drills indeed!

    What really set me to giggling was this:
    I mean, like they're gonna actually turn up there toot de suet pudding, instead of a week later.

  4. Could he be written up for a 'Queen's Commendation for Bravery'? Good drills that man.

    I do hope his police statement says "They don't like it 'up em', Sir!
  5. Fair play to him!

    I'm strangely proud of the criminals though as they showed some kind of morals/values/fear of the law (yeah, right) in that they didn't put that rather heavy hammer through the old guy's skull..
  6. I like the fact he went and got his bus the most.

    It's like saying 'yeh I stopped that robbery, so what? Now bugger off I don’t want to miss Corry!"
  7. Police are investigating the incident and trying to trace the two men - as well as the pensioner. He was wearing a beige raincoat with a poppy, brown trousers and carrying a bag over one shoulder.

    why.......they probably want him for questioning in case he might have been an accomplice....thats usually their style....but I digress....excellent drills that man :D
  8. good drills that bloke
  9. They will probably be charging him with something or other, I mean imagine stopping them, he must have broken a couple of laws at least.
  10. Why yes, Councillor Helen Lee-Parsons, Mayor of the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames could do it. If only enough people were to e-mailed her?

  11. Good work that man.
  12. I think it's terrible, two young people doing their own thing and a some old guy comes up and RIPS his balaklava off his head obviously infringing on his human rights, the poor lad was so shocked at the assault that he and his friend ran from the crazed poppy weilding - probably ex special forces - pensioner. People that old should be put in homes.

    Good on the old boy!
  13. My bet is that he will be charged by the police with some offence or other.

    It will help with their targets. The favourites are: assault and theft.

    "Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime". These words were uttered by some political non-entity some years ago. Nothing changed of course.
  14. Fast? I'm quite impressed... Just have to hope that plod manage to trace him.
  15. You might want to re word that bit.

    I'm strangely surprised that the criminals didn't use the door that was open.