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How did you find out about Arrse?
I looked in mirror as a child and said mummy whats that ? see said son that is your arrrse
I think I saw it mentioned on a noticeboard somewhere. Buggered if I can remember where, though.
I swear if I had posted the question I would've been accused of being a snooping Walt Disney journalist.

I think I first came across the site from the 'Above Top Secret' forum regarding the subject of the deaths at Deepcut barracks.
Wait a minute, it may have been during the early days of ArmyNet when somebody made a remark about "that rough lot over on ARRSE" or some similar comment.

I resisted the dark side of the Force for quite a while, but then I realised that white robes stain too easily.
I genuinely can't remember, could have been while I was desperately scrabbling through the internet in search of help for my RCB...

I heard about Sluggy's sexual adventures from my cat & came to check it out! :p
Non starter really.....Sluggy's sexual adventures that it! :twisted:
Found it whilst serving,word of mouth - still on it now in CivDiv.

Also still pointing serving and ex mil to the site who are still unaware of it's existence. Not too many of them about now tho'.
My Editor told me to register.
What site?

Oh and Murielson, give my love to Andover. Home sweet home (nearly)
Doing some genuine research into MLaaaaar intercourse.

Was told this is the premium site with all the experts (alledgely)

(Research still on going)
Ordered something from The Outdoors and while browsing around found a link...

(Any allegations that I may have been searching t'internet for dwarf porn or ginger baiting advice are totally unfounded.)
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